Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Lokal

Although located at the corner of the street, The Lokal does not seem to be interested in making themselves more prominent by having an eye-attracting signage, which can be seen from far. Nonetheless, just head on along Neil Road, and turn right at Bukit Pasoh Road. The first building on the left will be where The Lokal houses their patrons and serving them with friendliness and smiles!

Not a truly spacious cafe, but the decor does make this narrow little "alley" a little more classy.

We were there at around 1430 hours, and guessed what? The crowd didn't cease then, and we had to share a table with another patron. This only show how popular and the amount of exposure The Lokal is getting, at this near-forsaken place during the weekends. Nearest MRT station is Outram Park station, but with quite a distance to cover, but a number of bus stops are stationed and surrounding the area.

No. They are not providing you dirty chairs because they ran out of chairs or on budget. This is perhaps part of their theme in mind, and I love such nostalgic decorations and furniture. In any case, it isn't wobbly at all! Stable and secure balance all the time while I'm on it :P

Menu boards are placed at the counter. and so are their Muffin of the day and others. Order placing is not the typical way of scribbling but using a dedicated POS app in a tablet, selecting the table we are at and tapping on the items we chose. This make the ordering process much easier and smoother for both crew and patrons.

A cup of coffee to kick start the brunch! Cappuccino ($5.50), with a jar of brown sugar if you like to further sweeten it.

Grilled Sausages with homemade sauerkraut, sauteed potatoes, fried egg and onion jam ($23). I have never tried sauerkraut, which also means sour cabbage. I only had a little sample out of the "mountain" served to me, and decided to ignore that for the rest of my meal. But disregarding the cabbage, and exchanging fried egg for scrambled egg, the whole dish is pretty satisfying!

I, especially, love their grilled sausages. It seems to be homemade by them, where it is firmed when cut and springy when chewed. Definitely a must-try for their grilled sausages!

If you want your food to be specially made for you, in some sense, you might want to go for Pimp my breakfast. Choosing from a list of breakfast sides, the first "pimped" breakfast came with toasted sourdough, grilled sausage, sauteed mushroom, and poached eggs ($20.50). The poached eggs seem to be nicely done, with wobbling yolk waiting to be let out.

Separately asked for chilli jam. Nothing really special, but at least it isn't spicy, and does taste like those appropriate to be spread on bread?

Another "pimped" breakfast has fried eggs, smoked salmon, and sauteed mushroom ($15.00).

You might face some difficulty findings seats for a large group, considering it was still crowded when we went at 1430 hours. Crew faced you with a smile whenever they cross-faced with you. I strongly believe The Lokal is one of the cafe that will thrive as long as the service standard doesn't drop, and quality of food stays the same, in the least.

The Lokal

136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865

Tel: (65) 6423 9918

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1800 hours (Kitchen closes at 1530 hours)
Sat - Sun: 0900 - 1600 hours All-Day Brunch till 1530 hours


  1. loved the service there too with above-average food! can try the breakfast burger and the sticky date pudding if you're returning for second visits! ;)

  2. I love this place. Already been back a couple of times. The chef even treated as complimentary so nice of them. By the way great photos!