Monday, 29 September 2014


I was invited by Hungrygowhere for food tasting at Azmaya, which is one of the Japanese Restaurants serving Shabu-shabu along Robertson Quay. It isn't too hard to find as it faces the river, and pretty near to Robertson Quay Hotel.

It has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, and serves well to those who prefer air-conditioned, or the other which prefers enjoying the night view by the river.

They have an extensive menu ranging from ala-carte to hotpots, but here's a glimpse of their Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu set as these are the main highlights of Azmaya!

We were pretty much served the following items in the following menu, and I would say its quite filling at least for a table of 3!

We have a total of 3 raw dishes, mainly the vegetables, wagyu beef, and pork. You will also be provided an egg which usually goes well with the meat cooked with Sukiyaki, to reduce the thick sweetness of the broth. For Shabu-shabu, it is more of like our usual Chinese hotpot, which gradually flavors the broth with the items put in to boil.

The remaining are cooked food, served to eat.

Spicy Cucumber by Azmaya returns a sweet flavor to our tongues and the crunchiness which is pleasing as a meal starter. This is actually the dish that makes me look forward to the rest of the meal.

Azmaya's Salad includes small pieces of salmons and salmon roes which to me, is the highlight of the salad. Smooth salmon, juicy fish roes, and the appropriate salad dressing which makes the whole salad quite appetizing!

Can't really remember the name of this dish, but I have to say it deserve positive critic from my tastebud.

Combination of 3 different Sashimi, such as bonito, salmon and tuna (left to right). If you are a sashimi lover, this is definitely worth ordering!

Tamagoyaki, which is like egg rolls. Love the soft bite, adding that eggs are always my favorite.

Squid which comes in whole. Another dish that I favored because of its firm and springy taste, which makes me go for more.

Gyoza, another must-order item in Azmaya. Lightly pan-fried, with thick gyoza skin encompassing the juicy fillings.

Tempura, a Japanese dish of battered and fried seafood and vegetable combination.

Azmaya is having a promotion for their Wagyu BBQ Buffet Course with costs only $50 (U.P. $100), and is quite a worthy spend for the food quality served to our tables. Crew is friendly and polite with their service, and hold no qualms answering your queries. Furthermore, with the bosses being authentic Japanese, and the frequency of Japanese diners patronizing during its opening hours, it does prove a certain level of assurance about its food quality.

Robertson Quay is quite popular among the working class for the after-work activities, especially on a Friday night! It would be a great night having Shabu-shabu and some alcoholic drinks to spend the night away!


30 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238251

Tel: (65) 6737 6863

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1700 - 0100 hours
Fri - Sat: 1700 - 0400 hours
Sun: 1700 - 0100 hours

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