Monday, 8 September 2014

Tian Kee & Co

I might not have knew of Tian Kee & Co, if not for instagram and blog reviews. Hidden in the middle of an old estate, it's no surprise why Tian Kee & Co is so popularly being raved about.

Hardly seen nowadays, which was seen in coffeeshops, shopping malls, etc. coin-operated kiddy ride is definitely an old school toy for most!

Instead of printed on acrylic plates of stick on transparent glass door, why not print the opening hours on a piece of paper and in-theme with the cafe?

Looking at the green table tops with sofa-seating, reminds me of how I had my meals when I was still a kid.

It was crowded when I went around 11-12 plus in the afternoon, but managed to grab a seat soon enough. Although non-air conditioned, it is still cooling with the fans running at speed, above you.

Saw these 3 big jars of sweets by the ordering counter. Out of "goodwill", Tian Kee & Co offer these complimentary old-school sweets to their diners.

If you are here for a little of local food taste in the western style, then this is one of the right place. Two mains displayed in a television presentation, and drinks are listed separately. They do have cakes too, displayed in the glass display.

Iced Pink Lady ($6.00) consists of rose syrup with steamed fresh milk. Basically taste like we usually know as Bandung, but mixture of syrup and milk is of the right balance, depicting a "healthier" choice of drink.

Snag ($5.50) is exactly the same as Pink Lady, but with an addition of espresso for the caffeine lovers. It tastes just as good as the pink lady, but with an attachment of "wakening" effect.

All Day Breakfast ($12.90) consists of Cheese Prata, Hash Brown, Chicken Cheese Sausage, Sunny Side Up and Turkey Bacon. Love a simple meal like this where egg yolk is runny and bacon is not crisp and hard to chew. Plain prata with a piece of cheese placed on top and substituting egg yolk for my curry. Definitely a happy meal for me!

Toffee Caramel Salted Cheesecake ($6.50). A layer of sweet toffee on top of the salted caramel cheesecake, with the overall taste leaning to the sweet side, but a favorite of mine!

Crew are quite friendly and approachable in Tian Kee & Co. They are passive in their customer service, but one thing that should be improved on is their small little assumption that our orders are all served. It would be great if crew can double check against the order list in their kitchen before serving the dish, and then checking with us again to confirm if this is the last item to be served.

Else, place is pretty comfortable and vibrant, with mainly youngsters and families coming over for a meal. A load of old-school ambiance in the cafe, with the surrounding environment being soothing and calm is great for a lazing afternoon and taking some lively shots around the area.

Tian Kee & Co

12 Dakota Crescent
Singapore 390012

Opening Hours
Tues - Fri: 1200 - 2100 hours
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 2100 hours

*Closed on Mondays

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