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I was initially invited to a newly-opened retaurant located in UE Square, but only reached to realize there's a disruption to the power supply in the restaurant, without notifying me beforehand.

Thus, we took a walk around and managed to spot boCHINche several streets away, at the upper level of a building, which then took our attention! Below is the well-raved Common Man Coffee Roasters, which is still having a long queue despite near 2 in the afternoon. Luckily, boCHINche's the aim since the beginning.

"Bochinche" means something like uproar or loud noise in Argentine. I suppose the name is to create the commotion of the high-quality food served in boCHINche restaurant, and the action of dissipating that Argentinean Cuisine is all about meat.

The whole place looks pretty "ATAS" (high-class). Separated by wooden planks walkway, left side is the drinks bar, while right side is more to the teppanyaki concept. In addition, one side of the outside seating is more to chilling at night for drinks, with low tables, while another side of the exterior is more for normal dining. Interior seating is available as well at the far end of the restaurant. It seems that boCHINche has took great effort in their designing concept and able to accommodate the different needs of their patrons, be it for food or for drinks.

boCHINche have different types of menu such as brunch, lunch, dinner, etc., not forgetting the wines and cocktails too! For the brunch prices, you may refer to this menu.

Pan & Manteca ($7.00). House-baked bread and their salted butter is one of the best starter before the mains. Freshly-baked fluffy bread and spread with butter makes it awesome with both kids and adults.

Classic Provoleta, Almonds & Honey ($17.00). If salted butter is not good enough, chuck a piece of this on top of your bread and it works just as good as the butter!

With the mixture of cheese, nuts and honey, you get to experience the fluffy-ness of the bread, the crunchy bites and sweet honey taste!

Yellow Fin Tuna, Grilled Pak Choi, Spicy Humita & Crispy "Aji Molido" Tofu ($30.00). Big fat and fleshy tuna, dabbing against a light amount of cheese set aside, is definitely worth the price paid for. "Aji Molido" is actually known as ground red pepper in Argentine. But having said that, the tofu is not spicy but crunchy on the outer and soft mushy tofu in the inside.

Brioche French Toast, House-cooked Ham & Bacon Ice Cream ($19.00). What's unique about this dish is the bacon ice cream! With the "concoction" of bits of bacon with vanilla ice cream, it may receive both praises and criticisms. Personally I'm not in praises for the bacon ice cream, as the icy mushy ice cream stops me from enjoying it with the hard bits of bacon. If strips of bacon are set aside like the ham instead, it would have been different for me.

House Chorizo Sausage, Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks & Caramelised Onions ($25.00). Pork sausage is quite tasteless to me, but tried it with the sweet dark sauce will be able to compensate for the blandness. Rich and beefy Ox cheek is braised to soft as though they were falling apart.

"Chimichurri" Burger v2.0 ($28.00). With the provolone cheese, tomato, onions, pancetta and fried hen egg, the burger is pretty much a hot favorite in boCHINche. Thick and juicy beef patty with a sunny side up makes up my brunch with satisfaction.

Grilled Pineapple, Mate Tea Granite & "Arroz Con Leche" Sorbet, Lemon Crumble ($18.00). Ended our meal at boCHINche with a dessert. Was spoilt for choice, but decided on this anyway. Perhaps being the most expensive, and should be worth it. My nonsensical logic.

Anyway, its this big slice of pineapple being grilled, and brought to serve. I have this idea that the pineapple came from cans, because of the thick sweet sauce resembling of that from canned. But I do love their rice pudding sorbet, which is of the right balance for its sweetness.

Overall, it was still an enjoyable meal at boCHINche. It's not-so-restrictive crew and friendly service makes the whole dining experience more welcoming. For some reason, I do feel that its exposure will more or less be masked by the popularity below, Common Man Coffee Roasters. But if you are looking for a nice chill out place, interesting food menu for the adventurous, or even finding a place overlooking the streets from a higher level, boCHINche should be in your list! Furthermore, given its late night closing hours, I can expect some happenings going on!


22 Martin Road
Singapore 239058

Tel: (65) 6235 4990

Opening Hours
Tue - Thurs: 1200 - 1500 hours
                    1730 - 0000 hours
Fri: 1200 - 1500 hours
      1730 - 0100 hours
Sat: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

*Closed on Mondays

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