Monday, 20 October 2014

Butterfingrrs - Cakes & Tarts for Occasions

Instagram is one of my favorite app, because it is where I sourced for good food or new places from other instagrammers. It has also become another social media platform where entrepreneurs-alike advertise and promote their services, which serves as another online shopping concept!

I have recently took interest on one instagrammer, butterfingrrs, whose cakes and tarts caught me to follow, then. Being a vivid believer for using butter in her bakings, it is also how "butterfingrrs" came about, with double R's which embed more contrast and impression in my mind than any other normal titles.

Since my partner's birthday was just round the corner, I decided to enquire for some tarts from butterfingrrs. I love the prompt response and friendly service provided, and after some communication, I am pleased to receive a box of freshly baked tarts!

Ordered a box of 4 at $6.50 each, sized at 3.5" in round shape. I have no idea what are the flavors I would like to have, and butterfingrrs is kind to provide some suggestions which made my "decision processing" so much easier!

Pear Almond Tart

Lemon Meringue Tart is my partner's favorite. To me, the sourness of the lemon is just right, not overdoing the taste.

Double Chocolate Tart with white chocolate as the base, and dark chocolate as top finishing. This is also my top favorite among the 4 tarts!

Earl Grey Strawberry Tart is another of my favorite. Mild fragrance of earl grey tart mixed with strawberry and blueberry just kept me going.

All 4 tarts are pleasing to our tastebud, and it was deem an enjoyable dessert for us after a meal. I love how butterfingrrs managed to control the level of sweetness within my acceptable range, and the perfectly-baked tarts just got us with smiles. While these tarts can be left at room temperature for around 3 hours, it will still be best consumed when cold.

If you are looking for a celebration like mine, I believe butterfingrrs will not disappoint you. Being service-oriented, butterfingrrs yearn to satisfy the requirements listed by the customers. So if you have any ideas or specific customization, butterfingrrs is please to listen and advice. Furthermore, butterfingrrs does not bake only tarts, but cakes and also for wedding tables, which widens the product line with a variety of customer base.

For more references, you can refer to instagram for recent bakes!



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