Monday, 27 October 2014

OZ Specialty Coffee

This is quite an outdated post, and having said that, OZ Specialty Coffee has shifted and currently operating under Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters.

Having been to Thomson V Two previously, I held much anticipation on my next trip to the same building, hitting on the next cafe!

Located opposite HDB, and beside a nail parlor, it distinguished itself easily with white wooden tables, among the other non-dining shops. It has pretty much limited seats, both indoor and outdoor.

OZ Specialty Coffee's menu did a full coverage, starting from drinks to desserts. While their food and dessert are limited to finger-counting, their drinks are much thirst for with "stars" to indicate its hot favorites!

However, we have little interests in the drinks and decided to strike on their breakfast platters, which looks so inviting!

Big Breakfast ($14.00), consists of buttered scrambled eggs, perfectly-cooked bacon strips, pork frankfurter sausage, alain millet's strawberry jam with multi-grain toast, tomatoes, as well as mesclun salad mix with home-made honey.

I have to admit OZ Specialty Coffee really serve their scrambled eggs generously, which can be perhaps 2-3 eggs used? The eggs itself is nice enough by itself without any further seasonings added. Not too buttery, and egg is cooked neither too runny nor dry. The sausage is another one worth commending, due to its juicy and dainty meat. If you are think strawberry jam with toast is too mainstream, then you are wrong. Alain Milliat's strawberry jam is not too sweet, yet still embraces your taste buds with the strong aroma of strawberry.

Salmon Platter ($18.00), consists of buttered scrambled eggs, 4-5 slices of smoked salmon, alain millet's tri-floral honey with multi-grain toast, tomatoes, as well as mesclun salad mix with home-made honey.

Specifically, not much difference from the Big Breakfast, except the replacement of frankfurter sausage and bacon strips for smoked salmon. OZ Specialty Coffee served pieces of salmon rolled up, and stacked neatly beside one and another. Salmons are well-smoked, but being a not-so-appreciative person (for the raw, fishy taste), I feel that this dish could have been undervalued by me. But other than the salmon, the rest of the dish is equally nice as with Big Breakfast! Furthermore, if you think that home-made honey is insufficient, the tri-floral honey makes up for it! I enjoyed my mesclun salad very much with the honey, still leaving an amount untouched after spilling some on my soft & crispy toasts.

Ordered Belgium Liege Waffles which is limited per day. Salted Caramel & Banana Waffles ($10.90). A pair of puffy waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh banana slices, drizzled with homemade salted caramel sauce and toasted almond slices. Waffles are hard, but comes with a little crunchiness. Take it along with the ice cream and banana slice to appreciate the waffle more!

Building itself is not eye-catching, and definitely needs more word-of-mouth to increase its exposure, in comparison to the cafes located along the main road of Upper Thomson Road. OZ Specialty Coffee is worth another visit, and is one of the cafe that I knew, to be generous with their servings yet not comprising the food quality.

OZ Specialty Coffee

185 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574333


Opening Hours
Tues - Sun: 0900 - 2300 hours

*Closed on Mondays
*Last order at 2200 hours

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