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The Boiler Louisiana Seafood & Beer

A typical view of Tai Seng would be an industrial area, where food is only available from hawker centres. That was my initial thought. When I was invited to The Boiler, I admit that I'm quite skeptical about the location provided, and being in an industrial area, I wasn't giving any high expectations on the quality of the food.

About 5-10 mins walk from Tai Seng MRT, The Boiler is located at the corner of Novelty Bizcentre, which is easy to spot if you just walk around the perimeter. Seeing the built-up of The Boiler from the exterior, somehow my expectation for the food rises.

The Boiler is a Southern American-inspired seafood joint, that delivers freshly-cooked and tasty seafood in Louisiana style right up to you.

As what most would have expect for a restaurant in an industrial area. High ceilings, and decorated with industrial lightings and furnitures. I like the spacious and yellow ambiance that set some comfort-ness as I settled down, the friendly service of the crew and communal dining style that makes the dining experience livelier.

4-paged menu, which includes food, drinks and even a dedicated page on how to eat a lobster!

We had like 3 drinks on our table, mainly Beerita ($11.90) which is The Boiler's version of Margarita, Lime-Mint Freeze ($5.90) and The Boiler's Lemonade ($4.90).

I had the Lime-Mint Freeze as my first drink, and liked it during my first few sips as I get the refreshing taste. But subsequent sips after-which, I started to find the drink leaning more towards medicine taste. Which is why, I tried my best to finish it up, and changed to the The Boiler's Lemonade. Not over-souring, and pretty much quench my thirst throughout the entire seafood feast!

For starters, chef prepared Fish & Chips ($12.90) with the home-sliced chips, and tender fish which can literally slid through your teeth as you chew!

Another mixture of starters, Bacon Shrimp with Hickory BBQ sauce ($11.90), Southern Chicks & Waffles with maple syrup ($9.90), and Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings ($8.90).

I have no qualms about giving high rating for these 3 starters, as each has their own unique taste.Specifically to the Southern Chicks & Waffles and Spicy Mid Joint Wings, the combination of eating waffle and chicken chunk together is a complete compliment of each other, and the mid joint wing is skin-crisp while meat is tender and juicy. These starters really made me look forward to The Boiler's highlights coming next!

Emphasizing on "carefree" way of eating, it is meant/recommended to eat the seafood off the table, with your bare hands.

What most people would have done is to pour out the content from the plastic bag. But instead, the proper way is to clasp the opening end, turn it over and shake a little to have well-mixture of the sauce over the entire bag's content. Only then you pour it out on the table.

One of the highlights is the Boston Lobster ($49.00), limited to one per customer. Fresh lobster cooked to order, and lobster meat is tasty. Lobster lovers should come flocking to The Boiler!

Boiler's Duo Bag ($49.00), consists of prawns, mussels, clams, sausages (chorizos), corn and bun. It's an all-in-a-bag kind, and is meant for sharing among 2 pax. But beware, it might become one-per-bag because it is really good!

Another version of the Boiler's Duo Bag, is the Boiler's Bombdiggity Bag ($139.00). A bag meant for sharing among 4 pax, shares the same content as Boiler's Duo Bag, except with an addition of crab (Dungeness/Brown Crab)! In other words, you are actually paying more for the big meaty crab, which I think is pretty worth it.

Not forgetting the buns which is inclusive with the bags. You may of course, order more Buns ($1.50/2pcs). Bun is a never-forget to have when crab is on the table, especially crab with sauce!

We were terribly full by the time the desserts came, but never to miss these!

A portion of Spam Fries ($7.90), and a pair of fried durian balls with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The durian's aroma came sneaking into our nostrils the moment it was placed on the table, and durian "frenzies" will start snatching for it.

This is specially given to us, and we think this is so unique! Popsicle soaked in alcoholic drink.

The Boiler do have lunch menu too, specially created for the office workers nearby. Given the options of Salad or Rice Bowl, you are still able to customize your meal without having to worry about dirtying your clothes during lunch.

Do not worry if you have worries about the sauce provided for the Duo & Bombdiggity Bag, because there are 3 choices and all 3 are equally delicious to match with the seafood and bun! Choosing between Garlic Butter, Pepper Butter, and The Works with 3 levels of spiciness for thrill-seekers.

Although The Boiler is situated in an industrial area, it is still pretty packed on a normal weekday after-office hours for dinner. It does serve an extraordinary option for office workers to decide for lunch, and pampering themselves for dinner after a hard day at work. While also designed to be of communal style, it can also help to strengthen bonds among family and friends over a meal, and feeling relaxed with a couple of drinks to chill the night away in the quiet area of Tai Seng in the evening.

The Boiler

18 Howard Road
#01-06 Novelty Bizcentre
Singapore 369585

Tel: (65) 6635 1285

Opening Hours
Tues - Thurs: 1130 - 1430 hours
                     1700 - 2230 hours (Last order at 2130 hours)
Fri: 1130 - 1430 hours
      1700 - 0000 hours (Last order at 2230 hours)
Sat: 1700 - 0000 hours (Last order at 2230 hours)
Sun : 1700 - 2230 hours (Last order at 2130 hours)

*Closed on Mondays

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