Monday, 24 November 2014


Concept similar to KFC, Popeye, Arnolds, Texas Chicken, 4 Fingers, etc., Chickano is another store to add on to the list. It seems very much to be like a usual fast food concept, but with limited to accommodate only a handful of walk-in customers.

Menu is pretty much standard for a fast food restaurant, which you get to choose between fried chicken pieces or burgers, adding on with sides and drinks. They do have family combos as well, serving from a quarter to whole chicken. Something we don't see in other places, perhaps other than those western food stalls in the hawker centres?

2 pieces chicken meal ($7.50), which also consists of one more side, a bun and a drink. I chose the Cheesy Fries as my side, which add on another $0.50. So I suppose to avoid incurring any extra, one can go for the slender fries.

Their crispy chicken is not the hot and spicy type, but comes on a little peppery. Skin is nicely fried to crisp, but chicken meat and taste could be improved on for a more favorable experience. Bun is normal, not too hard, in the least. But for the cheesy fries, it could be sinful to most people (including me as well). Its like cheese spam on the fries, which Chickano isn't too calculative about.

Chickano Chop ($8.50). Again, their black pepper sauce is sufficient enough to smear your fries and bun as well. But for a meal, I do feel that the chicken chop is too thin, and definitely dropped several marks in terms of rating. The chop isn't too amazing, as it came hard on the chewing.

Overall, Chickano still have lots of room for improvement, but for a stall in the HDB void deck, it would be able to suffice the average diners for a quick meal. One thing commendable is their attitude and service. Given the feeling of like a family-oriented fast food place, patrons are greeted with smiles and some would even walk over to your table to ask about the quality of the food.

But if I were to be given the option to choose, Chickano will not be the first in my list.


Accept Delivery: Yes

527 Bedok North Street 3
Singapore 460527

Tel: (65) 6448 8660

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1000 - 2200 hours

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