Monday, 3 November 2014

Outback Steakhouse

Orchard Gateway has opened its doors quite some time back, but this was my first time stepping in, realizing it's linked to Central. Didn't really had the time to walk around, but had plan to have a meal there. Well, my first meal in Orchard Gateway, not really a fantastic one, but wasn't too bad either.

I love the spacious seating arrangement, and looks great enough to host large groups or gatherings.

We were spoilt for choice, to be honest. We literally flipped through the whole hardcopy menu over and over again, finally decided on what we wanted.

Complimentary Bread is tough on the outer, but inside is soft enough for easy chewing. I would say this is one of the place where I can finish up the whole loaf of bread myself!

Typhoon Bloom ($14.90) is made of hand-cut fried onion strings with Outback's secret seasonings. Onion strings are stacked up to form a hemisphere, and is suitable for probably 2-3 pax. My first thought to it was calamari rings, and the mention of onion doesn't really interests me that much. But my first crispy onion string got me asking for more.

Appetizer Duo ($16.90) on the other hand, doesn't look as appetizing as it sounds. A combination of kookaburra wings and crispy calamari, which only kookaburra wings won our hearts. With the mild spicy level we took, the tender and juicy buffalo wings are just too hard to resist. Whereas, Outback's calamari rings are too soggy, and totally lack of the crispiness.

Toowoomba Chicken ($24.90) consists of sauteed chicken and buttom mushroom, with oven-grilled chicken and seasonal veggies. It seems like a lighter and healthier dish as compared to the other mains we ordered following up, but price is definitely worth lesser for the quality of the food. The sauce was creamy, but the use of chicken breast makes the dish rather dry, with the meat being tough and not tender. 

Black Pepper Steak ($23.90). Outback's served their tender black pepper steak in cubes which really save the hassle of cutting ourselves.

Outback Special ($29.90 for 8oz) comes with two sides. A signature item in Outback Steakhouse where sirloin is used to serve diners. I ordered the Aussie Fries ($4.90) and Sweet Baked Potato ($6.90) for my sides, and added on Sauteed Shrooms ($2.90) and Peppercorn sauce ($1.90) for my rare-cooked sirloin. I do love their fries and potato, but their sirloin is not really up to my expectation.

Bacon Cheeseburger ($19.90) uses ground beef topped with bacon, American cheese, pickles, onions, mayo, lettuce and tomato. Aussie Fries are also served with all their burgers and sandwiches.

Typhoon Burger ($19.90) also uses ground beef, but with toppings of onion strings, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and Typhoon Bloom sauce.

Of course, most people would love to have a sip of alcoholic drink to go along with steak, if that's what you're eating. I had that a miss even though the menu has them listed out. I would recommend diners to order Outback's Typhoon Bloom and Aussie Fries for bites or sides. These two are definitely worth trying! In addition, given that you might have burnt a rather big hole in your pocket, drinks are re-fillable for free, for their cold beverages, such as soft drinks and ice teas for only $4.90!

The crews are patient and friendly in their gestures. Without the service-attitude seen in other places, it makes a sort of difference to the dining experience, regardless of the food quality.

Outback Steakhouse

277 Orchard Road
#04-01 Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 2230 hours

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