Monday, 10 November 2014

Wheeler's Yard

I would say this is a hidden cafe which is located behind the main street. It might not be seen as one to be a cafe, if you have not heard of this cafe before, and might pass it off as an industrial building for wheels?

Basically a cafe housed in a typical warehouse. Not only does it supplies food for the diners, Wheeler's Yard do also sell bicycles and accessories.

I wondered what's their monthly rental or perhaps the amount to own such an awesome space which houses both the cafe and sale shop. For cycling-enthusiast, this might a little haven for them, while admiring other cyclists "asset", as well as browsing through to upgrade their bicycle.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating. Indoor is more of a communal type of dining, while outdoor looks more like a usual restaurant setting but with inconsistency in their table sets. Choose the right setting, else you might have to strain your back muscles a little. *pointing at the low tables*

Wheeler's Yard's menu may not have an extensive food items, but each of them does seem interesting enough to land you in an indecisive mode! Menu board is available near the indoor entrance, and you are welcome to grab one and head back to your table for "discussion".

Desserts such as pastries are not listed in the menu, but available at counter with actual illustrations. My mind was actually encouraging me to order one of their pastries for dessert, but luckily my willpower is strong enough to deter. Seeing the big plates flying around the cafe, I strongly believe I can do without the cakes although it looks mouth-watering!

Ham & Cheese Panini ($16.90) with garden salad and fries. Although I am not sure which type of cheese Wheeler's Yard used, it is definitely not the normal kraft cheese we used at home to sandwich between our plain breads. If you are a person who does not prefer cheesy food, Ham & Cheese Panini should not be an option then. But for those cheesy peeps like me, I am loving it! I also love their fries, because it is not the skinny ones!

Otah Burger ($16.90). Wheeler's yard uses mackerel fish patty with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato, stacked in between brioche buns and a side portion of fries. Brioche bun is about an adult palm size, which is bigger than usual burgers. Strong fish-flavored otah taste that I can't stop for another bite. Pepper, cheese bits and salt packets are added, of my own preference.

If the usual cafe drinks are too mainstream for you, they do have a bar-like counter at the entrance of the outdoor seating. If you are dropping here at night, you might be able to catch a different side of Wheeler's Yard, where drinkers and cyclists-alike gather for a chat.

Seems like a place ideal for pro-cyclists to drop-in for some filling food and purchasing add-on for their bicycles before heading back to track. I love how spacious it looks, and the planning put into the decoration.

Wheeler's Yard is on a self-service concept, where you will be given a "pager" to notify when your food is ready for collection from the counter. Utensils and sauces are readily available at the collection point too. They do provide ice water too in certain places throughout the cafe. Hence, neither GST nor tax is applied to your bill.

I have definitely heard of how bad their food taste and serving time is pretty ridiculous. Perhaps efficiency and improvements have been injected into the cafe, my waiting time was less than 15 minutes on a crowded weekend morning where I queued for an estimated of 5-10 minutes to have my food ordered, but food is definitely a thumbs! That to say, a return trip is a must for me!

Accept Reservation: No

Wheeler's Yard

28 Lorong Ampas
Singapore 328781

Tel: (65) 6254 9128

Opening Hours
Tues - Thurs: 1030 - 2200 hours   *Last order at 2100 hours
Fri - Sat: 1030 - 2300 hours           *Last order at 2200 hours
Sun: 1030 - 2200 hours                 *Last order at 2100 hours

*Closed on Mondays

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