Monday, 29 December 2014

Bacon & Booze

"Bacon & Booze" is a cafe prominently erected within the boundaries of Gallop Stable, as well as being clearly identified from the roadside. If your intention to Punggol End includes visiting the Punggol Ranch, then Bacon & Booze is just somewhere beside the office, in front of the carpark.

Indoor and outdoor seating are available with adequate fans drilled in to counter the hot weather.

Bacon & Booze's online menu is not really updated, compared with the actual hardcopy provided at the restaurant, but most of the items are still intact.

Prices are pretty reasonable, very much between $6-$16 for their brunch, and $8-$11 for the finger food.

Bacon & Booze also serve set menu recommended for 2/4/6 pax, consists of only drinks and finger food though. The only thing that I felt a turn down was the "Term & Condition" stating the items in the set menu is not replaceable. There goes the flexibility which could easily churn more points for an F&B establishment.

Apple Juice ($4.50) and Ice Lemon Tea ($3.00). Not expecting freshly made juice, but at least crew can better managed their "porcelain" cups.

2 pairs of Honey Chicken Wings ($11.00). It seems oily but actually it's spread with honey. Wouldn't say its the best wings ever, but out of the entire items ordered, the wings probably earn a moderate rating.

If only the wings absorbed the taste of honey, it would have been better.

B&B Delight ($16.00), with scrambled eggs, sauteed garlic mushrooms, Italian herb sausage, streaky bacon, fries and baked beans. It look sumptuous, yet taste average only. Although average, it still fare a little higher than the next dish.

Bacon & Eggs Toast Cups ($13.00), which the 2 oven-baked sunny side ups are the highlight of the entire dish. Basically a plate of veggies, and a pair of over-done eggs on top. Menu describe their eggs as "glorious egg yolk ooze all over the bacon wrapped toast cups filled with cheddar cheese". I do taste the cheese and bacon, but did I misread the part where it says "egg yolk ooze all over..."?

The only reason I could think of for its gradual increasing patrons, is being situated in a prominent place, and being the only cafe/restaurant serving brunch? There are of course several other restaurants within the vicinity of Punggol End, mostly seafood restaurants though. I have heard of reviews that Bacon & Booze is not worth it, and I raise my pair of hands up too.

Service definitely needs improvement, in terms of friendliness and a greeting smile. Food wise definitely is either to improve, or to face declining of patrons in time to come.

Bacon & Booze

900 Punggol Road End
Singapore 829168

Tel: (65) 6489 5679

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1500 - 0100 hours
Sat - Sun: 0900 - 0100 hours

* Last order at 2330 hours (food)
* Last order at 0000 hours (drinks)

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  1. Travelled all the way to have bad food, it is foodie's worst nightmare. Nevertheless, the Punggol Settlement has been re-developed and now its such a beautiful place.