Monday, 1 December 2014

fArt tArtz Cafe

Singapore Expo was never a place I will hang out at on days when the halls are empty. But with the appearance of fArt tArtz Cafe, it kind of changes what I thought of Expo. It has a theme of a garden, with decorations of flowers and mini grass patches. During the broad daylight, it does make the cafe lively and vibrant!

fArt tArtz Cafe is located away from the halls, directly at the end of the car park. Parking might be a troublesome matter during events and exhibitions, but otherwise on the non-peak days.

Directly opposite The Coffee Bean, fArt tArtz Cafe has the seating concept shaped in a rectangle, creating a long walkway between both fArt tArtz and The Coffee Bean. It has both sofa and hard chair type, but recommended to have the hard chair for normal meal, and sofa for the desserts. Else you might be "enjoying" more of your sore-back than the quality of the food.

fArt tArtz Cafe has also some beautiful ornaments, which create a cozy ambiance and a lovely place to chill at.

Neatly organized in a 4-paged menu, fArt tArtz Cafe indeed has very limited mains to start with, but afterall, the highlight is still their dessert!

Dessert section is not listed in details, so take a walk to the display and select your dessert, while immersing yourself in the pots of flowers.

Passion Fruit Soda ($4.50). There are places where such drink is too sweet, more like drinking syrup, but fArt tArtz's version is just nice. Refreshing sweet drink for a hot and humid weather in Singapore.

Minty Fruity ($4.80). More of like a healthier drink for the health-conscious ones. Under the menu section of "Infused/Detox H2O", it tastes more like mineral water, with a little sweetness coming from the fruits submerged in the mug. This is also my first time trying fruit-infused drink after having seen people walking around the streets with such bottled drinks.

Grilled Hot Wings ($8.50). Six pieces of yummy-licious wings, spread with my guess of chili oil. It's damn yummy for the tender and nicely grilled wings, and a tad of spiciness from the skin!

Pepper Chix Linguine ($10.90). My first-of-a-kind to have pasta served in a jar, eating directly from it, and a bunch of seasonal veggies at the side. Love their neither spongy nor stiff pasta, which is cooked just nice for chewing, and tender chicken chunks cooked with black pepper. Pasta literally slid down your throat as you swallow it, and the chicken chunks are simply irresistible.

Chunky Chicken Grilled Sandwiches ($7.90). Simple sandwich with ample amount of chicken meat with mayonnaise. Deem satisfactory for breakfast!

Highlight of fArt tArtz Cafe is their dessert as mentioned earlier. So dessert is definitely a must-try if you are in Expo!

Strawberry Short Tart ($6.80). Definitely not one-of-a-kind to have dessert in jar, but still ordered it. Thinking why had I not try the exotic flavors such as lychee-misu and so on... Anyway, their strawberry short tart is not bad, but the best is coming up next!

Orange Choco Mud Tart ($5.50). The mud tarts are definitely the major highlight of fArt tArtz Cafe. Unique presentation of dessert in a miniature flower pot, with perhaps choco powder at the brim to represent soil! For people who doesn't knew, might really mistake it as edible soil??

In any case, any little surprise in the tart itself, where you can pop into some orange pulps! Managed to sense a few while enjoying every spoon I took, and next I was enjoying even more popping the pulps in my mouth instead~ For your information, the flower is made of plastic, and other than the pot, the flower is inedible as well.. "Regret-ness"!

Most of their food are served in disposable plates, except for the jars and wooden plates for serving. Love the garden concept for fArt tArtz Cafe, and the mud tart which is really interesting, is/has bound many teens to head there! They do allow takeaways for their mud tarts, and if you instagram #farttartz or #farttartzcafe, you can actually see an instapic of a person holding on to a big pot of mud tart!

Interestingly, fArt tArtz Cafe does parties and customised desserts. So if you are looking to do a special birthday cake, fArt tArtz can be in your consideration list!

Accept Reservation: Yes

fArt tArtz Cafe

1 Expo Drive
Singapore 486150

Tel: (65) 9695 5558

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1800 hours
Sat - Sun: 0800 - 2000 hours

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