Monday, 12 January 2015

Mama Shop

Recent startup of Mama Shop have created quite a stir in Singapore, as known by most teens, it is opened by Singapore's artistes, Felicia Chin and Sora Ma.

Located at the backyard of Chinatown, it wouldn't be an easy walk up either via the steep slope for vehicles or the steep flight of sheltered staircase. Housed in the old Police Force Headquarters, it can be considered a hidden find because from the outside, you wouldn't have known about Mama Shop because there isn't any signs or indicators of cafe/eatery in the building. With the difficult walk from Eu Tong Seng Street, very few would have even been bothered to conquer it.

Right in front of Mama Shop, is an empty space, looking like a badminton court, perhaps for the police not-on-duty back in the past for some play-time. In the night time, I suppose Mama Shop could have use this space for some party time or to accommodate more patrons when the crowd gets too overwhelming.

Old-school cafe style, with wall mounted fans and foldable tables. It was still quite quiet when I reached around 1 plus in the afternoon, which really surprised me. Gradually, people started to stream in, and soon enough, all tables are seated with peeps whom specially came all the way up here to patronize Mama Shop.

Mama Shop sounds exactly like how most of us would have called the mini-marts, usually at the HDB void decks. Small shop space, selling lots of old school toys and snacks, they also serve food and drinks for those who managed to take out some time for an "exercise". Time for a celebration, maybe?

There is no hardcopied menu for distribution, but you can easily make your choice from the limited yet interesting signboard.

Their cashier is situated inside the kitchen, which is just right behind the only entrance of the small shop space. On the outside, laid are the old school stuffs, such as the comics, tidbits, toys, etc. Definitely a place for people of the 80's to reminisce their childhood of the past.

To those, who remembered Archie...

Once you ordered and paid for your food, you will be given a pager to notify you once your food is ready to serve. Interesting part is, crew take hearing of the beeping sound to locate your table, rather than you walking to the counter to collect your own plates. Customer service "for-the-win".

Peanut Prince ($4.50 for regular size) tasted like milk with peanuts being crushed and blended together. It was a refreshing drink, and might hit off with kids pretty well. Sparkling Limau ($3.50) has a strong sour plum taste, perfect for a hot weather and wetting the throat with icy cold sour drink.

Both drinks stay true to its name, without comprising on its highlight.

Okaasan Waffle ($4.90) consists of 2 pieces of waffles sandwiching seaweed chicken and takoyaki sauce with bonito flakes, cut into half. Waffle with peanut or blueberry jam is the norm to me, but this is indeed unique. Waffle is crispy and neatly cooked till golden. If you love takoyaki and waffle, this will be another thing worth coming for.

Happy Peppy Seafood Burger ($14.90) consists of crabmeat, lobster chunks with citrus mayo and truffle fries. First taste came to me as too fishy, which I stopped after my first bite. Bread and truffle fries are ok, but main point of the burger has completely covered everything else.

Messy Messy Nice Nice Mama Burger ($10.90) consists of beef patty topped with melted Gouda cheese and caramelized onion mushrooms. I looked forward to the beef burger, but again another disappointment.

Beef patty is overcooked, rather than juicy and succulent as described in their featured menu board. Of course, for the price paid, one should not expect much.

Overall, both burgers fared slightly below average, but the waffle and peanut prince drink fared higher.

Old school ambiance makes it a perfect place to chill, especially on a less hot and humid weather, and a great place to hang around with friends while sipping on drinks and biting on snacks.

One thing I note though, is the understaffed issue, which actually causes patrons to wait more than 20-30 minutes for a drink when there were a lot of empty tables. Add on another 10-15 minutes for the food to arrive. As the crowd gathers while I'm still "patiently" waiting for my food, I started to wonder if the one guy cooking and managing the cashier is able to cope. Luckily, another came along which I believe brought a sigh of relief for the previous guy. Not sure if this is the case on other days, but I would suggest only if you have ample time to relax, Mama Shop could be an option.

Mama Shop

195 Pearl Hill Terrace
#01-54 Old Police Operational Headquarters
Singapore 168976

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1200 - 2200 hours
Fri - Sat: 1200 - 2300 hours
Sun: 1200 - 2200 hours

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