Monday, 19 January 2015

Ramen Champion (Shabu Shabu)

Invited again for the food tasting to Ramen Champion, but this time trying out their shabu shabu, exclusively at Great World City! I am a definite lover for ramen, but being to Ramen Champion at other outlets on several occasions, this has kept me anticipated for long!

Shabu Shabu is one of the popular dining method in Japan, but of course also commonly known as "steamboat" in Singapore, which is seen widely during the Chinese reunion dinners. But one do not have to only eat it during special occasions, and Shabu Shabu has been introduced to Ramen Champion to encourage diners for a get-together and mingle around.

This is my first visit to Ramen Champion at Great World City, and the service provided is definitely more formal and siding a little to the fine-dining way. Instead of walking to the stores to order the ramen of your choice, they have a menu with all food items from different stores collated into one, and you can place your order with any available crew. No more walking away with pagers and coming back to your table again with a bowl of ramen and afraid toppling it after collecting.

Outlet at Great World City is not that difficult to locate, but perhaps being a non-frequent shopper at Great World City, it actually took me a good 10 minutes in locating it.

Ordered some snacks to nibble while waiting to start on our shabu shabu.

Mentaiko Gyoza ($7.60) which is a great option! Thick skin that firmly wrapped the soft filling which you can easily chew and swallow.

Tebasaki ($9.50) comes with 4 pieces which can easily be shared or eaten by oneself. Crispy skin and juicy meat beneath is just marvelous! Taking back what I mentioned earlier, I think if you love chicken wings, sharing might not be an option after all.

For Shabu Shabu Set, we had the Set A worth $59.00, sufficient for sharing between 4 pax. Supposed to have pork loin and belly, beef loin, chicken, assorted vegetables, seafood platter, and a choice of ramen or udon. We had the beef changed to chicken sausage though.

You will be served 4 types of sauces to go with your shabu shabu, but generally without the sauces, we still enjoyed the shabu shabu with excitement!

We had two soup bases, which are Paitan (white broth) and Tom Yum. One is sweet while another is spicy, perfect combination to thrill your tastebud! The initial taste of Paitan can be quite bland, but as usual, soup of steamboat will get thicker and stronger in taste as food are put in to cook. Well, good things come last.

A bowl of Assorted Vegetables and Chicken Sausages.

A bowl of Seafood Platter such as clams, salmon, prawns, crabsticks and fishballs. Of course, a bowl Udon rather than ramen due to personal preference.

As promised in the menu, we also have the Chicken Box, thinly sliced Pork Loin and Pork Belly for easier cooking.

Soup is re-fillable upon request, and you just have to enjoy the boiling of your raw food and dip with the sauces for some meal-satisfying moment. Do remember to taste a few sipd of the soup towards the mid and end of the soup which will be truly "slurpingly" good to drink on!

Ramen Champion's Shau Shabu is arranged in a set in the consideration of diner's health such as overbinging and feeling sleepy after a stuffing meal of delicious food. While you may not necesary be in a group of 3-4 pax to try out the Shabu Shabu, Ramen Champion also serve the sets suitable for 2 pax and 3 pax for $29.00 and $47.00 respectively.

In support of the introduction of Shabu Shabu in Ramen Champion, I am also giving out 3x $10 voucher valid till Feb 2015. To win these vouchers, kindly comment to stand a chance!

Ramen Champion

1 Kim Seng Promenade
#01-22 Great World City
Singapore 237994

Tel: (65) 6235 1295

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 2230 hours

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  1. I will like to try the Kelp soup as it seems healthy and interesting. :) Thanks for sharing!