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Along Upper Bukit Timah Road, right opposite the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, is a row of shophouses, selling food and aim to make every diner leave with a happy belly.

Stirling is no exception. Having opened for 10-11 months back, it has garnered a number of regulars for their drinks and signatures. Just as their motto says, Stirling aims to provide quality food, bringing in a wide variety of alcoholics for after-office workers to relax after a day at work, all in a cozy English ambiance and friendly crew.

Outdoor area is to accommodate the pub-goers for a drink and chat, while interior is more suitable for a cozy meal, as well as a romantic dinner with your partner.

Two sets of menu, mainly food and drinks. 6-paged food menu, including a brunch menu which they serve from 1130 to 1400 hours only. It may be a disappointment to some, but their signatures and mains are tempting enough to compensate for their limited brunch menu.

Not an alcoholic drinker, we had the mocktails, Shirley Temple ($5.00) and Fruit Punch ($5.00). Both are thirst-quenching drinks and sweetness is being balanced out for a soothing drink among the meals.

Grilled Watermelon ($12.00). Recommended appetizer which uses fresh watermelon and roasted till sweet, with topped with parma ham and based with rocket salad. The striking combination of fruit and ham does give me a sense of doubt for the taste it might produce, but I took back my thought. Juicy and sweet watermelon, topped with parma ham that comes a little on the salty side goes perfectly fine!

One of Stirling's signatures, Crispy King Salmon ($23.00) topped up fork crushed potato, creamy dill and leek sauce. Crispy salmon skin is the highlight of the dish, which we don't usually get it in other places, and salmon is cooked to perfect, not making the salmon too dry up for enjoyment.

Another signature of Stirling, Gentleman's Cut ($38.00 for 300g). Between the choice of sirloin or ribeye, steak comes with avocado butter and in-house seasoning. For a balanced meal, it also comes with a portion of sauteed mix vegetable and truffle fries is not to be left out for a complete meal. I requested for a rare-done which I enjoyed it! 75% redness through the centre, the meat is soft and juicy. If you are steak-eater, and similarly like your steak to be rare done, Stirling should be in your list.

For the ladies, you may go for the Lady's Cut at a lower price for $29.00, 200g. Thus, ladies are still able to enjoy their signature steak dish without having to over-stuff yourself.

Truffle Fries ($7.00). Truffle Fries is a common item in most cafes, but what makes Stirling's version striking is that each fries are equally tossed with truffle oil, salt and pepper, thus every inch of the fries gets "tagged" with truffle taste.

Cheesy Risotto Balls ($5.00). As the name describe, the bite into the ball will release the cheese into your mouth. Not the flowing cheese like custard bun, but Stirling is pretty generous with the cheese, and the crispy outer add on to the overall experience.

Parking could be a little troublesome if you are there in the wrong hours, as parking is by the street. Alternative parking can be the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre though.

I would feel that with the row of eateries along the same road, Stirling does stand a striking advantage over the ambiance and decorations. It seems like a classy place, where food and drinks are priced on the steeper side, it is surprisingly reasonable and it's gonna bring a hit to the students and non-"atas" diners to a common place. Food quality isn't compromised for the amount paid, further making another visit to Stirling a definite confirmation.


15 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599739

Tel: (65) 6469 9096

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1130 - 1400 hours
                      1800 - 0000 hours
Fri - Sat: 1130 - 1400 hours
               1800 - 0100 hours
Sun: 1130 - 1400 hours
         1800 - 0000 hours

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