Monday, 23 February 2015


Another true hidden find in Singapore, located in the most ulu part of Sembawang. Following the road to Sembawang Park, skip the carpark entrance and head straight to the end. You will pass by landed property, a Woody Family Cafe on the right hand side and a mosque on the left hand side before hitting a slightly windy road like you have ventured into a nature reserve or such.

Handlebar is not positioned to be seen from the road, but you will be a road sign to Handlebar, which is just right behind the Water Venture building. There is no designated parking lots, so you may park anywhere as long as road is not disrupted for other drivers.

Monday, 16 February 2015

China, Hunan

Went on a family trip late last year to Hunan, China.

I love going to countries during the winter season, because that seems like the only time where I can escape from the ever-warming weather of Singapore, and even the rainiest period in Singapore couldn't beat the chilly weather of those with 4 seasons.

Basically, we took a direct flight from Singapore to Hunan, took a MRT ride to another station for the high-speed train. It was a tiring but not a gruesome journey though, because the gruesome part was where each of us were shivering non-stop when the sun sets, and we couldn't have a comfortable first proper meal (dinner) at all. Being in the mountains, one shouldn't be too confident about how cold-tolerant you are.

Anyway, I did a short compilation of this trip, mostly on the sightseeing places we have been to. Enjoy!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant

I was invited for a food tasting hosted by HungryGoWhere. Right inside Jurong Country Club, where I hardly visit.

Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant is more of a Chinese version of fine-dining in the vast space of Jurong Country Club, and while some restaurants vie for interesting themes, Fu Lin Men naturally has a picturesque view of the Golf Course! Other than being just a Chinese restaurant, Fu Lin Men is also able to host wedding banquet, with an estimate of 45 tables. One may even host their solemnization on a higher ground, back-facing the golf course which I believe can churn out wonderful backdrop photos with your friends, colleagues and relatives.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Ice Cube Cafe

It was an accident that I chanced upon Ice Cube Cafe after returning from Chomp Chomp. What attracted me was their blue interior lighting that stood out among the shops beside. But being extremely full from dinner, I made it a point to return another day.