Monday, 16 February 2015

China, Hunan

Went on a family trip late last year to Hunan, China.

I love going to countries during the winter season, because that seems like the only time where I can escape from the ever-warming weather of Singapore, and even the rainiest period in Singapore couldn't beat the chilly weather of those with 4 seasons.

Basically, we took a direct flight from Singapore to Hunan, took a MRT ride to another station for the high-speed train. It was a tiring but not a gruesome journey though, because the gruesome part was where each of us were shivering non-stop when the sun sets, and we couldn't have a comfortable first proper meal (dinner) at all. Being in the mountains, one shouldn't be too confident about how cold-tolerant you are.

Anyway, I did a short compilation of this trip, mostly on the sightseeing places we have been to. Enjoy!

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