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Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant

I was invited for a food tasting hosted by HungryGoWhere. Right inside Jurong Country Club, where I hardly visit.

Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant is more of a Chinese version of fine-dining in the vast space of Jurong Country Club, and while some restaurants vie for interesting themes, Fu Lin Men naturally has a picturesque view of the Golf Course! Other than being just a Chinese restaurant, Fu Lin Men is also able to host wedding banquet, with an estimate of 45 tables. One may even host their solemnization on a higher ground, back-facing the golf course which I believe can churn out wonderful backdrop photos with your friends, colleagues and relatives.

While Lunar Chinese New Year is nearing, we were not invited to try out their CNY menu, but their new 6-course set menus, focusing on what Fu Lin Men's Executive Chef is good at the well-known Chinese delicacies, also known as the "Four Heavenly Kings", such as abalone, sea cucumber, sharks fin, and fish maw (鮑、參、翅、肚).

The "Four Heavenly Kings" may seem pricey at ears, but surprisingly the price is set at an affordable range per person. Furthermore, the food quality stays at its best, without stooping to the cheaply-priced set menus! If the "Four Heavenly Kings" does not even tickle your appetite, you can also try the The Shroom Set menu.

Since there were several of us, we were assigned a different set menu each.

Applicable for all 4 of the set menus, Fu Lin Men serve Deluxe Appetizer Platter for dinner, and 2 kinds of dim sum for lunch.

I have no idea what was the green color noodle, but the middle appetizer has the shrimp wrapped with crispy noodle, and followed by baby octopus with crisp lotus root which is also my favorite appetizer among the 3!

If you are taking The Shroom Set, the appetizer will be Trio Starter Platter. Similar to Deluxe Appetizer Platter, there are 3 types of appetizer in a plate, and this comprise of barbeque pork, black fungus, and fried beancurd skin. Doesn't the barbeque pork looks tempting with the thick-and-sweet sauce?!

Double Boiled Ginseng & Chicken Soup. I don't really like strong taste of ginseng, in general. But Fu Lin Men either managed to cover up the intense taste of ginseng very well, or use a younger ginseng to boil the soup. In any case, I love this soup with the mild taste of ginseng, making it a refreshing start for the rest of the courses to come. Indeed a traditional Chinese soup!

This soup is actually only for the South African Dried Abalone Set, but because those having Sea Cucumber and Braised Fish Maw set were not in luck for the Sea Whelk Slices, Pork & Black Mushroom Soup.

Only for the Superior Comb Shark's Fin in Stone Pot set and also the main highlight, Superior Comb Shark's Fin in Stone Pot does look thick and appetizing for the shark fin's lovers. If you are one of those, you might be in for a good start in Fu Lin Men. One of the Four Heavenly Kings as mentioned above.

Morel Turnip Chicken Soup available only for The Shroom Set. Perhaps I'm a frog-in-the-well, but I have never seen or heard of Morel. Thus, this is kind of an eye-opener for me. While the morel is great to go in soup, it is also to taste nutty and meaty too.

Also another of the Four Heavenly Kings, Fish Maw. Braised Fish Maw & Scallop with Foie Gras Pate, main highlight of the Braised Fish Maw & Scallop with Foie Gras Pate Set. During steamboats, especially during the Chinese reunion dinners, fish maw is one of the item I would dish for. Knowing that fish maw is an excellent source of collagen for improving your skin condition and also to enhance your blood circulation, consumption of such is also beneficial for general health.

Although the one we had was not in the steamboat form, it is also an excellent source of pampering your tastebud and stomach. Smooth and silky fish maw that literally allow you to consume effortlessly. Something like the wanton skin, but much softer and you can imagine it slithering on your tongue.

Another commonly-known to appear during the Chinese reunion dinners especially, abalone, also one of the Four Heavenly Kings and the highlight of South African Dried Abalone Set. I am not sure of the net weight for the 15 Head South African Dried Abalone, but this big piece of abalone is no-kiddy meal. While the sweet and thick gravy is a compliment to the abalone, it also gives you the squishy and chewy mouth-watering sensation as you devour it.

The last of the Four Heavenly Kings serve to us is the sea cucumber. Main highlight of the Pan Fried Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Prawn Paste Set, Pan Fried Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Prawn Paste reminds me of Yong Tau Foo, where fish paste is stuffed between the bittergourd slice, tau pok and such. Fu Lin Men uses a small piece of sea cucumber with the over-filling prawn paste seemingly using the sea cucumber as a base for the prawn paste.

Although the sea cucumber is a petite piece, it shares the same taste as the fish maw, with it being silky and comforting in your mouth. The prawn paste is no disappointment either, as it is chewy and firm at the same time.

Come to the "end" of the Four Heavenly Kings, we have the Deep Fried Fish Fillet in Thai Style which is for the Superior Comb Shark's Fin in Stone Pot Set.

Although deep fried, you can still feel the soft meat of the fish fillet, where Chef has managed the deep frying adequately, where texture is crispy too.

Stir Fried Chicken Fillet with Mint & Sweet Pepper for the Braised Fish Maw & Scallop with Foie Gras Paste Set.

Pan Fried Cod Fish for the Pan Fried Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Prawn Paste Set. I am glad to have the Sea Cucumber set, because the cod fish is simply too yummy to not taste it. It's soft and silky fish meat seems to be feather-like as it set on your tongue, and just a few bites before it slid down your throat for the forthcoming mouth.

Stir Fried Diced Beef Fillet with Garlic for the South African Dried Abalone Set, and Stir Fried Diced Ribeye with Ceps Sauce for The Shroom Set.

Both beef dishes are fabulous, but my favorite preference still goes to Stir Fried Diced Ribeye with Ceps Sauce, due to its thick ceps sauce that nicely moisturizes the diced ribeye, making the chews more enjoyable.

Baked Roast Pork with Jumbo Mushroom for the Superior Comb Shark's Fin in Stone Pot Set, is a sure-order for the roast pork lovers.

FuZhou Braised Rice which is only for the Braised Fish Maw & Scallop with Foie Gras Pate Set. Similar to those also served by the "tze char" stalls in the neighborhood hawker centres, 烩饭. Basically a portion of rice drizzled with saturated-savory gravy with some chopped shrimps and veggies to make it a balanced yet simple one-dish meal.

Udon with Sesame Sauce which is also only for the Superior Comb Shark's Fin in Stone Pot Set. It may seem like a plain bowl of tasteless udon, but the addition of sesame sauce gives it a changed "look", making you slurping for more.

Ramen with SzeChuan Minced Pork available for South African Dried Abalone Set and Pan Fried Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Prawn Paste Set. Contrary to the spiciness of SzeChuan dishes, this bowl of ramen is not spicy at all, but the infuse of Japanese ramen into a Chinese cuisine is something special in a Chinese Restaurant. Mixed well the gravy and the ramen, you will also be asking for more of it.

Flat Udon in Golden Soup only for The Shroom Set.

Settling down for the dessert as the last course of all sets. Two types of desserts, such as Mango Sago and Hawthorn Pudding.

Mango Sago is a common dessert anywhere, but what is different served at Fu Lin Men is the generosity of mango cubes and lessening of the sweet milky soup. With such, you get to enjoy the real fruity taste of the mango and savoring on the natural sweetness of the soup, making it a healthier choice.

Hawthorn Pudding may not be something special to you, if you had the childhood of munching on "山楂", also known as Haw Flakes. I used to love this snack alot, but never had it on a pudding form. It was a pleasant ending to the delicious full course meal, revitalizing my palate for the night.

Fu Lin Men, has surprisingly changed my outlook of the normal Chinese dishes served in the "tze char" stalls. Having so much of westernized cuisine all along, the injection of Chinese cuisine in between does make you realized how it can energized your palate and continue on your food journey till the next stop.

Since the Lunar Chinese New Year is just round the corner, Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant is a great place for a reunion dinner among families and even friends.

Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant

9 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609078

Tel: (65) 6569 7011

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 1500 hours (Lunch)
                   1800 - 2200 hours (Dinner)

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