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Another true hidden find in Singapore, located in the most ulu part of Sembawang. Following the road to Sembawang Park, skip the carpark entrance and head straight to the end. You will pass by landed property, a Woody Family Cafe on the right hand side and a mosque on the left hand side before hitting a slightly windy road like you have ventured into a nature reserve or such.

Handlebar is not positioned to be seen from the road, but you will be a road sign to Handlebar, which is just right behind the Water Venture building. There is no designated parking lots, so you may park anywhere as long as road is not disrupted for other drivers.

Handlebar is pretty spacious in its outdoor seating, while indoor can be limited, but housed with various interesting ornaments for viewing pleasure. It has the funky ambiance which made us wander around the place for quite some time.

While their bar and counter is housed inside, their kitchen is placed separately outside, like a mobile kitchen, and food will only be ready to be served from 1530 hours onwards. Outdoor seating are spacious, and can be windy too as it is just right opposite Straits of Johor.

Another interesting thing about Handlebar is their grenade-shaped bottles for salt and pepper, and also the container used to place all the sauces and cutlery.

Booklet-style menu opened up to a full page. Names of the food are interesting and it really took me quite some time to have the food selected.

Ice Lemon Tea ($5.00). When the drink came, we were expecting a nice and refreshing drink because the scent of lemon is strong. But the drink isn't sweet as I had wanted, thus I find it quite disappointing.

Blossom Onion ($12.00). Use of white onions, sliced and fried to crisp. I am not a fan of onions, but the taste of blossom onion does not parade the strong pungent smell of onions, instead it has a slight sweet taste, which has now become my favorite.

Cocaine Wings ($12.00). Similar to the famous level 30 buffalo wings from Sunset Grill, the spiciness is comparable. We had the low level for the cocaine wings which is recommended by the crew, as most diners have feedback about the spiciness even for medium level. Indeed, for those who are not a frequent spicy eater, the low level might be barely manageable. We are able to manage the low level but taking the level up to medium might really need people with enough courage. Wings are tender and juicy, with the fried wings dabbed with spicy chili oil.

We had initially wanted to try the Sudden Death Wings, which Handlebar stated "Not for candy-ass. Strictly eat at your own risk.". This has attracted me to go for it, but crew strongly advised us about the extreme spiciness that even the frequent chili eaters find it too spicy. Although I was still keen to try it, we decided to degrade to Cocaine Wings low level.

Righteous Ribs ($28.00) with boiled potatoes and salad. This is big portion of ribs, and look quite promising for a hungry belly. Sweet BBQ ribs, easy to slice and tender to chew. For the rib-likers, this is a sure-to-order dish.

Southern Country Chicken Steak ($22.00) with mashed potatoes and supposedly baked beans or boiled vegetables. Choice between fried or grilled chicken breast, I chose the latter and without a choice came with boiled vegetables. Perhaps Handlebar can do better in their plate presentation, as the use of big plate make this dish seems a little on the minimalist style, and therefore less tempting than the Righteous Ribs. Chicken Breast isn't overcooked, thus goes real easy on the biting part, and taste wise, the smear of bbq sauce and black pepper on the chicken breast causes me to lick my lips clean inevitably.

Jumbo Chicken Dog ($12.00) which also come with fries. What seem to be the easiest dish to prepare among the 3 mains, was the last to arrive on the table. Fries which look-supposedly to be placed on the same plate, but came separately instead. Again, plate presentation need more improvement, and so is the chicken dog. It taste rubbery, as though it wasn't cooked at all, and seem cold. It was left a quarter unfinished due to this.

Saw a kid whom also ordered the same dish after us, and the expression immediately tells us how hard it is for the kid to stomach in the chicken dog.

The existing place where Handlebar is, could be army training area in the past. The entire place looks very much like training shed and later converted to F&B establishment. Every now and then, there will be wind blowing from the sea, thus making the scotching hot weather bearable if you are seated outdoors.

Place wise is definitely out of the way, but seems a good place for some drinking and chilling out with friends-alike through the night with some beer and food. While most of the mains and sides are pretty yummy and worth a return trip, the Jumbo Chicken Dog dropped a few ratings.


57 Jalan Menpurong
Singapore 759057

Tel: (65) 6475 9571

Opening Hours
Tue - Fri: 1700 - 0100 hours
Sat - Sun: 1500 - 0100 hours

* Closed on Mondays

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