Monday, 2 February 2015

Ice Cube Cafe

It was an accident that I chanced upon Ice Cube Cafe after returning from Chomp Chomp. What attracted me was their blue interior lighting that stood out among the shops beside. But being extremely full from dinner, I made it a point to return another day.

Ice Cube Cafe is neither narrow nor spacious, in terms of its floor space. Being able to accommodate estimation of 20-30 pax, there's more to just seats.

A playground just right at the other end of the cafe. Seems to be directed for kids to have their fun at the playground or watch cartoons, while parents get to enjoy their food and dessert, or evening for catching up among friends with ease.

Ice Cube Cafe's menu covers from waffles to mains like spaghetti, finger food, ice cream, mudpies, sundaes, and drinks too. Never expect Ice Cube Cafe to provide more than ice creams before I saw the menu. It indeed caught me by surprise, and keep me to ponder for some time over the finger food section.

Ice cream flavors are displayed beside the cashier. With around 10 flavors in total, I think that Ice Cube Cafe needs to inject more interesting flavors to garner more curiosity of others.

Of course, waffles usually comes with ice cream or syrups, and their choice of syrups are available at the cashier. Limited to only 7 types, it should be a fast and easy decision to make.

Chocoholics Anonymous ($11.90) used chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate fudge, ferrero rocher and toasted almond flakes. This is unlike the usual mudpies we get outside, made through baking.

Thick block of strong chocolate ice cream taste, with several toppings make it a simple ice cream dessert for kids, perhaps less messy than eating from a cone.

Waffle with Ice Cream ($8.90). It comes with a single scoop of ice cream and a choice of waffle syrup, where additional scoop of ice cream is priced at $3.00.

I chose Maple Walnut as my ice cream flavor, and Mango Puree for my choice of waffle syrup. It seems like a weird combination, and I'm pretty puzzled too when I'm back at my seat. Ice cream lack of flavor, not sure if it's due to the strong chocolate flavor before this, and thus canvas the mild taste of maple walnut ice cream. Mango Puree will be more on the sour side, but still a great sauce to go with the waffle. Waffle would be great if it can be crispier and syrup can be given a little more, else it's just a plain butter-ry waffle you are eating.

Ice Cube Cafe seems to dwell more on cakes for occasions and desserts as well. The finger food and mains looks tempting, and it gives me a definite reason to return again for it. Their sundaes looks promising too, so hopefully it will be as good as the mudpie I had.

Ice Cube Cafe

11 Kensington Park Road
Singapore 557263

Tel: (65) 6282 8126

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1600 - 0100 hours
Fri - Sat: 1600 - 0200 hours
Sun & P.H.: 1400 - 0100 hours

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