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Eat at Taipei

I always feel guilty for not being able to produce nice photos, especially when I had to use my phone camera to substitute.

Was invited for a food tasting during CNY period at "Eat at Taipei". I have went to the branch at Jcube before, and it was shakingly-cold there as it is just right next to the ice rink. But makes it a reasonable excuse to go for a skate after a meal to work out the extra fats consumed earlier on.

Anyway, this time we visited the branch at Chinatown Point, which is just located at the corner, next to the escalator and entrance/exit point of the mall.

Rather than just serving Taiwanese cuisine, Eat at Taipei put in effort to the interior, giving an extra feel of being in "Taipei" with all the signboards and pictures.

In this tasting session, we were introduced to a few of the recommended and signature dishes in Eat at Taipei and definitely filled our stomach to the brim with a total of 6 dishes, including the Prosperity Yu Sheng and drinks.

Prices, I would say is not cheap in comparison with other stalls like Shilin and food court stalls. But the taste here is different from what we have tasted, and clipping in with bringing the popular dishes available various night markets of Taipei, makes the prices a little more worthy. You may also visit their online menu for more.

For a start after our "Lo Hei", we had the nourishing soup, Taichung Night Market Ginger Duck Soup (台中中华夜市姜母鴨湯 - $6.90). As obvious as its name, Taichung Night Market is sure to have this nourishing soup if you are in Taipei and craving for it without searching high and low all over.

Herbal taste and a cleansing effect down the throat after a feast of the sweet Yu Sheng. I love how it cleanse our tastebud and in preparation for the delicacies coming up shortly.

Taiwanese Street Snack, Shilin Night Market Vermicelli with Oyster & Pig’s Intestine (士林夜市大肠蚵仔面线 - $9.90). For those who had tried before in Singapore, most would be either just the pig intestine or oyster with the vermicelli only. I personally prefer the pig intestines, and would rather say no to oysters and just take in the vermicelli. I always head to Ah Zhong Mian Xian in Taipei because it serves Pig's Intestine Vermicelli!

Another popular snack in Taipei and also in Singapore, Keelung Night Market Oyster Omelette (基隆庙口夜市蚵仔煎 - $9.90). While this is also a popular delicacy in Singapore, it is different in cooking style.

Singapore served the omelette in more like a scrambled type, but Eat at Taipei served the omelette like a pizza-style. It is like a pancake with everything intact, and leaving the entire plate clean from the tiny loosing bits of omelette. I prefer it this way, as it is easier to consume than having to scoop the bits off here and there.

One of the popular Taiwanese Stir-Fried Snacks, Poached Savoury Chicken (鹽水雞 - $16.90). We had both of the choice of selections, one in Mala Spicy Sauce and another in Spring Onion Sauce.

This dish is served cold on the tender chicken meat, and although I'm really a person who can take in a lot of spices, Mala Spicy version is more to my liking. I love the subtle taste of sourness and spiciness combination, and it opens up my appetite to grab for a few more pieces. The Spring Onion version is as good, recommended for those who can't take in any percent of spiciness.

One of the Taiwanese must-have for rice, Nantou Taiwanese–style Braised Minced Pork Rice (南投卤肉飯 - $10.50). The kind of Braised Minced Pork Rice in my perspective is a bowl of rice, with half an egg and whelm with lots of braised minced pork.

Eat at Taipei added in additional ingredients such as floss and shrooms. Overall was great, but I would still prefer my bowl of rice to be drenched with the braised mince meat, indulging in the sweet gravy!

It's time for desserts! ‘Jiu Fen’ Taro Balls (九份芋圓 - $5.00) is a bowl of hot dessert. I would prefer to describe it as warm as there is no need to wait for it cool down, and you can literally drink from the bowl.

It taste like a typical red/green bean soup, sufficient of sweetness and chewy colored taro balls.

Another bowl of dessert, but this time a cold one, and is also the recommended dessert, Special Mango Snow Ice (香甜牛奶芒果雪花冰 - $8.90). Definitely a must-have for mango lovers.

It's a big bowl of shaved ice, and Eat at Taipei besides being generous with the ice, they also dished in a lot of mango sauce, extremely sweet mango chunks, and squishy mango "roes"?

Eat at Taipei has two more branches, where one is mentioned earlier, at Jcube, and another is at Kallang Wave. While Singaporeans love to travel to Taipei and leashed out their hunger at the Night Markets, Eat at Taipei has make it more convenient for those who can't find time to travel out.

Eat at Taipei

133 New Bridge Road
#01-43 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413

Tel: (65) 6702 0078

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 2200 hours

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