Monday, 2 March 2015

The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement (TCS) has been around for a long time, yet this was my first time visiting them. Located near the chalets, and opposite the abandoned Old Changi Hospital, The Coastal Settlement set itself in the midst of greenish plantations, more like a garden concept in colonial style.

There are 2 parking lots near The Coastal Settlement, where one is situated right outside the TCS, like a backyard kind, while another is meant more for public carpark.

Very spacious restaurant, occupying quite a plentiful of land space, sufficient for indoor and outdoor seating for huge mass of diners.

Indoor is more of English-family style of dining, with bikes and other colonial-times ornaments to view. Outdoor will be more garden-like, great for those who likes to be close to the nature.

Food and drinks menu are separated into 2 booklet style, and food ranges from starters to desserts. Definitely possible to make your belly stuffed with food before leaving.

Calamari ($14.00).Squid is marinated and fried with pepper and spicy salt, and side with passion fruit mayo as sauce to dip with. Passion fruit mayo is unique to me, and between the choice of calamari and crispy coastal wings, I chose the former.

Freshly prepared calamari was brought to our table with the tinge-flavored deep fried squid triggering our sense of smell. Squid is perfectly fried, where it is easy to slice yet retain the chewy effect of a squid. Passion fruit mayo is a complement to the salty and peppery taste. Although without the mayo suffice my satisfaction, additional light flavor of sourness makes it more balanced and a great start to the main. Definitely one of my recommendations!

Roast Chicken ($25.00), comes with a small bowl of potato and mushroom and seasonal vegetables. Chicken skin is glazed with orange, giving the already crispy skin another layer of excitement. Chicken is well roasted and rubbed with spices, which very much taste like the Chinese style of roast chicken rice. If you are a fan of roast chicken, this dish should not be forgotten either.

Rosti Sausage ($23.00) is made of potato rosti, chicken cheese sausage, sunny side up, sour cream and mesclun salad. This may not be as delicious looking as the Roast Chicken, satisfactory level is set to high too.

Cheese chicken sausage does not have too much cheese in it, thus able to finish the entire sausage without complaining too cheesy. Overall, this dish is able to satisfy those who are looking for a simple meal to settle with, yet still getting the entitlement in food enjoyment.

Location is not that inaccessible, as bus-stop is less than few metres away. Its location pretty much able to attract lots of westerners and families for gatherings and drinks over the night. Food is definitely worth the slightly steep amount spent, and it really left me feeling satisfied for my dinner.

The Coastal Settlement

200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529

Tel: (65) 6475 0200

Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 1030 - 2145 hours

*Closed on Mondays
**Last order at 2130 hours

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