Monday, 13 April 2015

Concetto by Saveur

Bringing Italian Cuisine more affordable to the masses has indeed gained Concetto a favorable number of praises, for both its food and price. If you still having the mindset of such western cuisine are more for the "people-of-the-rich", then you would be missing out some good food.

Located visibly when you are down from Plaza Singapura to The Cathay, Concetto is just at the corner of the descending staircase to level 1 of The Cathay.

Concetto comprise of 2 levels, but for the selfie-takers, the upper level provides more light to the interior, giving you a fairer picture. With such a generous shop space, even if there's a queue ahead, turnover time should be fast. If you are one of those whom rather spend time more meaningfully than waiting in a queue, Concetto gives you the privilege to make reservations!

Concetto also do some "gardening" by themselves, such as herb-ing!

Menu give diners to either go for their 3-course set lunch, or ala-carte for the more picky eaters. What could almost sum up to probably a 3-figure amount, seem so far-fetched in Concetto.

I went for the 3-Course Lunch ($20.90) which surprisingly is not just affordable but good-to-taste! Concetto Pasta ($6.90 ala-carte) is made of chilled capellini tossed in lobster oil and seaweed, served with crab and shrimp tartare, and finished with lobster foam and ikura. While it is just an entree dish, it does open my appetite and awaits for more the main dish to come!

Had wanted the Beef Oyster Blade as my main, but was told that it has removed from the set lunch. Not sure why, but I had the Kurobuta Pork Cheek ($15.90 ala-carte), substitute for Beef Oyster Blade.

With the 3-4 pieces of pork cheek, I love every singly bit of it. Soft and sauce absorbing meat makes me kept on chewing non-stop on it, but at the same time the amount of disappointment falls greater on me as it get lesser and lesser on my plate. Served with homemade potato gnocchi and anchovy squid ink puree.

Ordered another main from the ala-carte, Red Snapper ($13.90). Red snapper fillet served with pan-roasted cherry tomatoes, mashed cod and lemon-infused paprika jus. Snapper meat is flak-ky and tender, but I find this dish a little sour, perhaps due to the cherry tomatoes. Not to my liking, but I still prefer my Kurobuta Pork Cheek!

The 3rd course, Pistachio Panna Cotta ($6.90 ala-carte), which is also the dessert. Pistachio-flavored cream served with pistachio crumble and salted pistachio. Texture is like the soya beancurd, the popular brand that we all know of, and pretty enjoyable. A nice dessert to end the course!

Definitely worth the money, but serving time is a little slow although we don't see the crowd. I believe Concetto will continue to attract masses of young people, in addition to its location where it's surrounded by malls and academics. If you are in town, and looking for an affordable westernized food, Concetto can be one of your choice!


2 Handy Road
#01-11 The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Tel: (65) 6735 1141

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 2130 hours

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