Monday, 25 May 2015

Hooked on Heads

Being surrounded by small eateries and cafes, competition is no less. While we all know that Upper Thomson Road is popular for the youngster's hangout and tons of things to eat that seems to be never-ending, there are actually a couple more restaurants hidden behind the bustling main street.

Hooked on Heads is one of them, and the easiest way to get there from Upper Thomson Road is to enter from Jalan Todak and followed by a U-shaped turn to get to Sin Ming Road.

Hooked on Heads only has indoor seating, but is still able to accommodate large groups for dining.

Focusing on local delicacies, Hooked on Heads's menu cover a series of different variety, which is definitely able to bring you to the stage where you wished you had bring more people along so that you can try all the dishes.

Stir-fried Garlic Kang Kong ($8.00), which is supposed to be sambal kang kong. We requested for the stir-fried and here comes the crunchy vegetable with a tint of garlic taste.

Mixed Assorted Vegetables ($8.00) is another "green" dish to make our meal seems as though healthier. What I like about both their vegetable dish is that Hooked on Heads do not tend to overcook, thus still able to retain the nutrition and the fresh & crunchy texture of the vegetable.

Seafood Tofu ($10.00). I love tofu dishes that are stewed and have those super thick gravy that can also goes along very well with the rice! Hooked on Heads did not disappoint me, and quite like the feel of the soft tofu rumbling in my mouth before slipping down my throat.

Foo Yong Omelette ($9.00). Charred rim is a common sight in most tze char stalls, but Hooked on Heads did it wonderfully!

Prawn Paste Chicken ($10.00). The savory taste of the juicy chicken and crunching sounds of the fried skin is too hard to resist. This plate of nicely fried wings is a must-order item when in Hooked on Heads.

Curry Fish Head ($42.00 for whole head). If you are dining in Hooked on Heads, their fish head is present on most tables, and the smell of it is circulating around the restaurant.

Hooked on Heads is known for their curry fish head and its thick and creamy curry is simply why I raised my hands in agreement too. Fish is fresh, and indeed meaty too!

Having a little mouth-itch, I separately ordered the Banana Fritters Special ($7.00). To be honest, it wasn't quite what I expected, and I seriously prefer the usual deep-fried banana as a whole. But having tagged the word "special", it has to be unique in a way?

Dough is not fried to crisp, but the adding of icing sugar and dipped with mayonnaise and maple syrup gives it a different taste, and I felt as though I was munching on the McDonald's pancakes! Banana inside is not totally fried, and it does seems to be a wonderful snack or dessert for kids.

If you are driving, there are ample parking lots in case you are worried about it being the same as the limited and narrow parking lots along the main road of Upper Thomson.

Hooked on Heads seems like a usual tze char stall, but the food variety is quite an exclusive to them as we don't see such amount of delicacies sold in other restaurants. Definitely a return trip for me again, to try on their other food which I believe I will have no doubt on the same standard when served to my table.

For a moment, I thought I went into a Peranakan tze char stall, and at a time, I thought I was in a Thai cuisine restaurant too! It is like a mixture of some and being blended into a place for diners to enjoy delicacies from different cultures, and it was indeed an enjoyable meal.

Hooked on Heads

6 Sin Ming Road
#01-01 Sin Ming Plaza Tower 2
Singapore 575585

Tel: (65) 6455 4948

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 1430 hours (Lunch)
                  1730 - 2130 hours (Dinner)

*Last order 15 minutes before closing time

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