Monday, 18 May 2015

Peperoni Pizzeria

Was walking around the Suntec City aimlessly for a place to settle for lunch. Although there are tons of restaurants at the basement as well as the newly-renovated upper levels, our tongues can just be very picky.

Feeling for something simple, we settled for the Pizza-focused restaurant, which is just at the area surrounding the Fountain of Wealth. They have 2 seating sections, where one is placed together with the kitchen, and another placed just beside Fountain of Wealth.

Peperoni Pizzeria is a restaurant that seems to have only pizzas, but we were wrong when the menu consists of mains such as risottos.

Of course, with a place that seems to place its focus on pizzas, we ordered one to try it out although we are the kind of "pizza" person.

Not trying to sound like a noob, but I believe this is my first time trying out risotto. Risotto con Gamberi ($26.00) involves arborio grains cooked in light tomato sauce, and with prawns and zucchini.

Being my first impression, I feel that the grains are not as soft as the kind of semi-liquid porridge we had at home. It is harder but still chew-able. I am not a fan of tomato sauce, but in this dish, I don't taste the strong sourish tomato's existence, and overall dish is the sticky type which I think is a dish I would like to try again! Furthermore, they do provide lots of prawns in this one plate of risotto. I counted to like 8 of it, which I think is hardly seen in other places.

Salmone ($19.00 - 9" size) is definitely handmade. It is clearly seen that the crust is not evenly rounded! Anyway, with around 7-8 slices, each slice consist of a chunk of salmon with caramelized onions and capers. I have never heard or seen a pizza that has salmon, and that is why this caught my attention then. I don't regret ordering this, as I even had the thought of "why there's only one chunk of salmon..".

Deep Fried Prawn Twisters ($8.00). I seriously didn't expect it to come like this, and I was quite astonished when it came. Nonetheless, I took it with an open-mind, and tried it. Nothing surprising, but at least the thinly-sliced prawn is freshed, and at least 90% of the entire fried twister has the prawn meat wrapped under.

Overall, the food served is quite satisfying, although I wouldn't dare to say it is the best. With so many F&B establishing in the basement and the upper levels of Suntec City, filling your stomach can never be an issue, but to find the food that captures your attention and enjoy it, indeed comes with a lot of hesitation.

Accept Reservation: No

Peperoni Pizzeria

3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-130 Suntec City
Singapore 038983

Tel: (65) 6884 7737

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1100 - 1500 hours
                 1700 - 2130 hours
Sat - Sun: 1100 - 2130 hours

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