Monday, 4 May 2015

Suki Thai - Steamboat & Thai Cuisine

Was invited to try out Suki Thai, which is a newly-opened restaurant featuring Thai cuisine. Sprouted slightly before Chinese New Year earlier this year, Suki Thai has been constantly improving, such the introduction of Mookata, a popular dining option for local diners.

Smacked right in the place where most people called it Little Thailand, Suki Thai Restaurant absolutely fit to a "T".

Occupying a total of 4 units on the upper level, level 2, of Golden Mile Complex, it is definitely able to accommodate large groups, and given the spacious shop space, I have no fret over private conversations or having insufficient leeway to move in and out of the seat.

Suki Thai's menu consists of extensive variety of steamboat items. While I do not have the entire menu for your viewing, this collection is enough to let you decide if it is worth your time.

Most of the menu is priced by the color codes, where green is priced at $2.50, yellow at $4.50, and red at $8.50. No more wondering how much each plate of food will cost!

What about a cup of icy drink before the make of a "bloating stomach"? Thai Ice Milk Tea ($1.90), is of course a popular drink is most Thai restaurants. Sweetness of the milk tea is just right, and I can't miss out not having 2 cups!

We were first served with this sort of "Spicy Salad". We actually requested the chef not to tone down the spiciness, and make it just the way Thai people had it. Well, I can only say I surrender. The use of chili padi is burning my tongue, and surely not for people who can't take spicy food.

Crispy Fish Skin ($4.50), indeed crispy like crackers. Not just a bland snack, as it emits a slight savory taste when crunching and is recommended to dip with the available sauces for additional taste.

Basically 2 types of sauces, and the sauce I liked most of the suki sauce. Thai sweet-spicy sauce is always my favorite!

We also have other 4 more ready-cooked dishes before the "mains" came to focus.

We have the Thai Fish Cake as well as the Salmon Cheese Stick, both at $4.50 each per serving.

Also had the Enoki Mushroom which came interestingly appealing to me. The fried yet not too crispy and able to retain a small percent of its firmness gives a different experience of cooking the enoki mushroom.

Last ready-cooked food served is the Jade Noodle ($2.50). The lump of green noodle is like a simple dry version of maggie mee, and with the recommendation of the crew, we mix a little of the suki sauce. Voilà! This super dry noodle becomes moist and little springy. Sweet suki sauce taste is definitely a must!

For the steamboat and mookata, instead of ordering an item by an item, Suki Thai has arranged 3 sets of Combo Selections, which are the vegetables, meat, and seafood combos. Each of the combos are priced differently from $14.50 - $29.50. To make it even more affordable and fulfilling trip, Suki Thai has also a special combo of $40.00 for a combination of all 3 combos! Isn't that attractive?!

Wagyu Beef ($22.00), and Collar Pork Sliced ($4.50).

Here is our end product for both the steamboat version and the mookata version!

For the steamboat, they have 2 soup base options, the Chicken and Tom Yum soup. I would strongly suggest the tom yum. It has the typical sweet and sour taste, and it's not that spicy enough to get me choking which most does. I had quite a few bowls of soups throughout the meal, whilst the chicken soup was kinda a letdown.

Suki Thai has put in an amount of effort in preparing the ready-cooked food, and although a simple restaurant like theirs, the service is commendable. Prompt and friendly service is indeed a must in any F&B establishments.

Suki Thai also have rice meals such as fried rice, basil leaf with seafood, red curry seafood, etc. Even if you have no interest in the steamboat or mookata, a simple bowl of rice and few dishes will be ample for a satisfying meal.

Suki Thai

5001 Beach Road
#02-45 Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588

Tel: (65) 6291 3313

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 2300 hours

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