Monday, 22 June 2015

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant

Ban Tong Seafood has once moved out of Clementi, in search of a new location. But somehow, they are back, and I was informed of how good their food was in the past. They are located in a coffeehouse, beside the Clementi Police Divisonal Headquarters. My informant was pretty conservative when I wanted to try out this place, as he is not sure if the standard is still as outstanding as before.

Well, you have to try in order to know right?

Prices shown in the menu looks reasonable and there are certain items to be part of a must-try!

Assam Fish Head (Seasonal Price) is not in the menu, but is a hot favorite back in the past. It is even so now, and luckily we tried asking if they still have the assam fish head. Fish is definitely fresh, and the assam gravy is sour and spicy at the same time. If you are not the kind of head-over-heels for Curry Fish Head, Assam Fish Head should be your first option!

Sweet and Sour Pork ($8.00). I have seen lots of places serving small chunks pork, but Ban Tong Seafood is neither petty nor are they super generous with it. The serving per chunk is just right, with the glittering sauce covering every chunk of the crispy outer pork.

Prawn Paste Chicken ($8.00). Although it is categorized under the Chef's Recommendation, I would gladly suggest it to be. Juicy meat and fluid flow of the savoury prawn paste deserved another plate!

Snap Bean ($8.00)

Kai Lan ($8.00) served to has thick stalks but is crunchy. Leaves are not overcooked, and is crunchy too. "Crunch crunch crunch" is the sound you will hear. No, it is not raw.

Mixed Omelette ($5.00) has big pieces of shrimp despite its cheap price! It has crisp edges but towards the inside you still can feel the softness of the egg omelette. Thumbs up for this!

Cereal Crayfish ($18.00) is one of their Chef's Recommendation and it indeed serve up to it. There is no need to de-shell and the tender meat of crayfish could get you fighting with your dining companions.

In the coffeehouse where Ban Tong Seafood is, also has other stalls which serve delicious food, and one of them is the Western Food, directly opposite the drink stall. If tze char is not enough for you, the western food is just a stone throw away!

Anyway, serving time is quite fast, perhaps due to the raining weather where most would rather stay home and catch some tv programmes. But even if the waiting time could get me to wait for 30-45 minutes, I believe it is still worthwhile.

Accept Reservation: Yes

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant

378 Clementi Avenue 5
Singapore 120378

Tel: (65) 9047 9428

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 1430 hours
                   1630 - 2330 hours

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