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DBS Marina Regatta 2015

This is my first visit to DBS Marina Regatta, and in year 2015. Although the weather is unbearably hot, the ongoing and intense events, performances and competitions will make you forget the fiery temperature and get you immersed in the fun activities.

It wasn't at all difficult to locate the event area. After exiting the Marina Bay MRT Station, walk towards the direction of the Marina Bay Financial Centre, and further down towards Marina Bay Sands.

Similarly, you may also alight at Bayfront MRT Station, saving yourself from the glaring sun.

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DBS Marina Regatta 2015 is Singapore's biggest watersport festival, and is held annually, swarming people of any nationalities, races, and ages to witness this massive event, and occupying 3 weekends in a row, from 30 May to 14 June.

(Extracted from DBS Marina Regatta Map)

Other than the most anticipated dragonboat and sailing races against the iconic Marina skyline, DBS Marina Regatta 2015 also have activities for kids and adults such as Rock Climbing and Flying Fox for those whom have no fear of heights, and want some adventurous time of their own.

Besides these activities, you may also grab a seat near the stage where shelters are set up. There, you can see performances such as dances, cosplays, and other fun-filled programmes lined up for enjoyment.

Just before the entrance to the event area, we walked past a long row of tentages, housing the various teams of dragonboat paddlers. You may see some teams resting, while some are doing warming up exercises to prepare for the next race.

Of course, the event organiser, DBS Group, has considered the stomachs of the participants and visitors, thus another tentage appears somewhere beside the stage, named DBS Food Village by SAVOUR. Doesn't it sets you on mouth-watering mode?

With around 9 - 10 stalls, it comprises of snacks, mains, drinks and desserts. It may seems just like a normal food stall, but ordering and payment wise comes a little special.

Instead of ordering your food from the respective food stalls, you can actually view all available food items from the computerised ordering systems erected across the Food Village, and payment mode can be between cards or using the Paylah mobile application.

Well, if you find it pretty troublesome, and think Cash is King, there are 2 manned cashiers. Similar to the above concept, you refer your orders from the tablet, and make your payment by cash to the cashiers.

Regardless of which payment mode you proceed with, you will receive a receipt which you will use to collect your food items.

Here we have the Chicken Cheesy Meatballs ($8.00) from Bistro 1855. With around 8 small-sized meatballs, I feel kinda cheated for the $8 paid. But each ball is stuffed full with meat and cheese is a wonderful complement of the meatballs.

Rotisserie Chicken ($12.00) from BrusselsSprouts. Half a chicken roasted, with big fat fries and a courtesy supply of a piece of lettuce and also a slice of tomato.

Roasted chicken is simply delicious, but the fries may not be suitable for the health-conscious. While the fries seems to be handmade rather than bought off the frozen rack, the salt sprinkled on it can be a little too much for some. But for me, I enjoyed it a lot. Well, since there is no sauce to dip for my fries, salt seems just like the most convenient seasoning to add to my fatty fries!

Indo Mee Special with Chicken ($10.00) from Table at 7. We had actually ordered Indo Mee Special with Egg ($8.00), but cashier seem to mis-heard and keyed in the former. But still, Indo Mee Special with Chicken is delicious, perhaps of the sweet and savoury sauce of the maggie mee seasonings. It does not make any "woah" impact and can also be made easily at home from the packed maggies, but from the hot weather and able to enjoy some decent food from all the perspiration, it does make this simple dish a yummylicious item.

After our meal, we continued our walk around, this time enjoying more of the performances and races going on. There, we spot the Milo Van which brings back all the fond memories when I was a primary/secondary school kid, and all will swarm to the Milo Van and start queuing for the icy-cold milo in small paper cups. Usually, it's after some running events like Cross-Country.

After all the food, drinks and watching the performances under the shelter for cooling, we decided to bravely head out to the black-hearted weather and watched the intense dragonboat races.

The dragonboats are docked at the jetty near the Marina Bay City Gallery, and starting point of the race is somewhere directly opposite The Shoppes.

What a distance, but I believe it serve a good warming-up distance before the actual start of the race.

Once the horn sounded for the paddlers to start rowing, you can see each and every one of them giving their best to row the boat as fast as they can, yet at the same time understanding the need to commit every action of rowing together as one. If one paddle is to go out-of-sync, it will affect the both the front and back paddlers, therefore disrupting the steady pace of the boat rowing across the route.

Here is the clip extract of the dragonboat race. The amount of time and effort needed of each paddler during their training for each race does not require anyone with mere determination, but also the passion for driving the boat and the team as one.

Rock Climbing and Flying Fox stations are more for kid's fun, so do not expect exceptionally high walls and climbing stairs to perform any of the games. But instead of having the kids whining over the weather and finding it bored, these games are bound to divert their attention. For the ladies who hate the sun and rather be on a shopping spree, DBS Marina Regatta 2015 has also a Flea Market. Limited variety, but at least the event is not just an event for the sporties.

While these are not all, you can also expect more interesting stuffs like Urban Beach, Doodle4Google, Urban Farming, Outdoor Movies, and more! Drop a visit as soon as you can below the last weekend makes a closure on the 14 June 2015. Oh, and admission is free!

DBS Marina Regatta 2015

Location: Along Marina Boulevard

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