Monday, 6 July 2015

Le Halo

If you have been to Sin Lee Foods, Le Halo is then not at all a problem to locate. Situated just right beside Sin Lee Foods, Le Halo render a more vibrant and cheerful atmosphere with its mixture of colors and small shop space.

The moment I stepped into Le Halo, I was reminded of my visit to ReStore Living, where the chairs are left hanging on the wall. But besides that, I was surprised to find that the table are those old-fashioned sewing machine which my family used to have it. In addition, the chair cushion is familiar to me too as my grandma love sewing something similar for the entire family.

Other than being a cafe, Le Halo is also a vintage retail shop. Most items displayed in the shop is available for purchase, while prices are not stated prominently, crew are always around to assist you with utmost patience and service.

Menu in A4 size paper, and slotted into a transparent file folder. Inside also consists of a pencil and order chit for ordering. I agree that the menu is not extensive, but it does provide adequate options to finish up a quick and simple meal. Drinks wise has a wider variety, which gives you more reason to stay back in Le Halo, enjoying the cozy ambiance and holding a discussion or chit-chatting away with your cliques.

Soursop Float ($6.00).

Piggy Stew ($11.50) uses pork loin mixed with carrots and potatoes. Stew is not too thick but the amount might not be sufficient if you prefer to dip your 6 toasted breadsticks into the stew before consumption. As what I was told by the crew, Piggy Stew is one of their popular dish in the menu!

Otah Egg ($8.50) has a layer of Muar otah smeared on the toast, and topped with a sunny side up. While munching on this, Wheeler's Yard came to my mind, with it's Otah Burger that can't kept me eating without comparison.

I would prefer Wheeler's Yard Otah Burger than Le Halo's Otah Egg. Reason is simply because Wheeler's Yard has a thicker otah just like a meat patty. While Le Halo's amount isn't too stingy, it would be better if otah could be more, as that is the highlight of the dish anyway.

Kueh Lapis ($1.50). A small portion of the kueh lapis, which I feel is below my expectation. I had kueh lapis before which is firm and yet taste a little fluffy and soft. Those at Le Halo is firm too, but taste like it has been toasted before brought to table.

Strawberry Mousse ($5.50). We had actually wanted Orange Mirror but was told later on that the cake was not found to be fresh and thus suggested Strawberry Mousse. We took their lead and I think it was a good choice.

Strawberry Mousse is much better than the Keuh Lapis, where the strawberry portion is made like pudding and the sponge portion is fluffy!

Overall, I feel that Le Halo's service is commendable, as they will take note of each hint you gave out when you require any assistance. If you are not sure what you should order, the crew is always around and very helpful with the recommendations.

While food may be average, such vibrant-colored cafe is sure to be well-liked by kids, it is also a chilling place for teenagers and adults to gather on a table and chat away while eating on their food and embrace themselves into the "cosy corner". It can also be a place for vintage-peeps to drop by and see if any of the items interest you.

Accept Reservation: Yes

Le Halo

4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 162004

Tel: (65) 9736 8087

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0900 - 1800 hours

* Closed on Tuesdays

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