Monday, 20 July 2015

Soi 60 ~ Thai Restaurant + Bar ~

I was recently invited to try out a contemporary Thai restaurant and bar, Soi 60. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Soi 60, but this invitation has gotten me to change my thinking otherwise.

Located along Robertson Quay, and beside Super Loco, Soi 60 has indoor and outdoor seating. Ample tables and ongoing music, with the typical decorations of a Thai restaurant being scrubbed away in Soi 60, giving a more modern and vibrant ambiance.

Soi 60 has just launched a new menu, and with some recommendations from the restaurant's assistant manager, we were soon salivating over the pleasant looking and delicious contemporary Thai food, prepared by a female chef, Nam, who is classically French trained!

If you are up for some alcohol, here's the drink menu!

Thai Iced Tea ($8.00). I'm not really a taker for extremely sweet-drinks, and Soi 60's iced tea is just well-balanced in terms of its sweetness. If you are fond of sweet drinks, Thai Iced Tea might leave you a little disappointed.

Salmon Tartare ($14.00) has a mixture of lime, herbs, chilli, cucumber, and a bowl of prawn crackers.

If you are of those who thinks salmon has a fishy smell, the seasonings added by Soi 60 can make you enjoy the soft chunks of salmon which still enable you to relish the essence of salmon. Scoop some of the salmon tartare on a cracker, and you get the best of both worlds. By the way, the mixture of chilli is never a worry or highlight in Salmon Tartare.

Crispy Duck Pancake ($12.00). Besides the roll of duck meat wrapped together with Thai herbs and black vinegar reduction sauce aside for dipping. The surprise is with the lychee fruit in it, which may seem to be a weird combination, but turned out pretty fine.

Steamed Sea Bass ($34.00), which has now been replaced with Steamed Snapper in the new menu. Waiting time of around 15-20 minutes which isn't a concern as other dishes came streaming in.

You know the fish is fresh when the meat does not collapse upon picking and remains soft when chewed. This is what Soi 60 has committed to its diner with fresh sea bass, and placed on a plate of thick and tad-sourish sauce to complement.

Mixed Seafood ($24.00), consisting of scallop, prawn, squid, chilli, lime leaf, and glass noodles. I am a fan of glass noodles, and I like it especially when it's moist.

Although the Mixed Seafood's glass noodles is not a gravy-intensive dish, each of the seafood is fresh, and the glass noodles though averagely moist, is elastic and tangy.

Iberico Pork ($26.00) is slow cooked with Thai spiced crust, pickled ginger, and young ginger salad.

The overall dish taste to me like pork being sprinkled with crushed black pepper, and each piece of Iberico Pork is crisp on the outer and minimal juiciness in it. One of my recommended dish in Soi 60.

Grilled Chicken ($22.00) with sesame soy sauce, lettuce and pickles.

Just by looking at it I can feel the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken blocks. Another recommended dish in Soi 60 not to be missed.

Fresh Spring Rolls ($10.00), consists of northern Thai sausage, Thai herbs, and peanut hoisin sauce.

A refreshing and nutritious spring roll infused with sausage to make the entire spring roll not so vegetarian.

Finally to the desserts, we had the Thai-Tea Tiramisu ($10.00) with caramel crumble and grand marnier.

Mango Sticky Rice is a common dessert item in most Thai restaurants, but Soi 60 came up with something different in presentation and unique in taste.

Black Sticky Rice ($10.00) with fresh mango and coconut cream. The rice seems like a mixture of glutinous rice and brown rice surrounded by coconut cream, with half a load of really fresh mango fruit placed on top, and finished with coconut shredding. Overall it looks like the Pulut Hitam which used to be one of my favourite breakfast when I was still in primary school.

Thai cuisine is widely-known for its spiciness, but Soi 60 almost did away the conventional idea, as we did not really find any spicy food throughout our meal. Although most of the food consists of red chilli in it, the seeds have been taken away, making the empty red chilli a nice addition to the presentation.

Celery is like almost in all the dishes we had. I dislike celery, due to its pungent taste. But in Soi 60, the celery are not strongly flavoured and I don't mind consuming it as long as it's a complement to the food.

While the food is good and deserve a return trip, there is no free parking. However, with the mass hotels and office buildings in the area, finding a parking lot is not an issue. But prepare your CashCard for easy in and out! But all-in-all, Soi 60 deserves a return visit, in day and at night, for a relaxing drink overlooking the Singapore River and enjoying the delicious bites at the same time!

Accept Reservation: Yes

Soi 60

60 Robertson Quay
#01-04 The Quayside
Singapore 238252

Tel: (65) 6635 6675

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1730 - 2230 hours
Sat - Sun: 1200 - 2230 hours

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