Monday, 13 July 2015

Super Loco - Mexican Street Food

Super Loco, is a restaurant cum bar, which focus to serve authentic Mexican food. I myself has not tried Mexican cuisine before, and thus I held a decent amount of excitement on my way there. Walk-able from the nearest MRT station, Clarke Quay, but I would gauge an estimate of 15-20 minutes to reach.

Super Loco has a spacious floor area for accommodating a considerable number of diners, and have both indoor and outdoor seating. Just looking over the Singapore River, it seems like a decent place for having some drinks, biting on some Mexican food and chat-chatting away, provided the weather is not too warm during the day.

Super Loco only serves their brunch during the weekends, and the menu consists of around 3 types of mains, excluding desserts and drinks of course.

Wildberry Smoothie ($11.00) is a mixture of blueberry, raspberry, redcurrant and chia seeds. Personally, I wouldn't make another order of this smoothie. It isn't very sweet, but I don't find this thirst-quenching enough for me. Instead, we had more of the free-flow mineral water than finishing this portion of smoothie at the end of the meal.

Super Rancheros ($20.00). It has free-range eggs served in a corn tortilla with bacon, ham, cheese and tomato salsa. On first look, it looks tempting and delicious to me. Unless you are a corn lover, this dish might disappoint you.

At the base, is somewhat like a pancake, totally smell and taste of corn. Although I eat corns, but the it too overpowering for me to handle. Just a small portion of the corn tortilla, and I knew this isn't the dish for me. Else for the corn taste, the rest of the dish just as expected. The overwhelming corn taste has really earned quite a few minus points itself. In between the tortillas, are the ham and cheese. Ham and cheese are my favorite breakfast, but no doubt, the corn has already engulfed it.

Pulled Pork Torta ($15.00), is made of juicy slow-cooked pulled pork, super slaw, Mexican beans, apple and habernero mayo. This, in comparison with Super Rancheros has won the better side of me.

A burger-like dish, with indeed juicy pulled pork, and thinly-sliced green apples. Something unique to me, as I have seen decent number of burgers with tomato slices, but apple is still my first. Making it seem like a balanced meal with vegetables and fruit, all-in-one.

Super Churros ($12.00), is one out the three desserts available in Super Loco's brunch menu. Although we requested for the dessert to come together with the mains, it still took quite some time. Ample time for us to consume our mains and just in time for desserts.

Well, it's freshly made to serve! 5 warm and fluffy churros coated with sugar, and with orange and mescal sauce for dipping. Again, this is the first churros of my life, and I think I have grown in love with it. Tad crispy outer (definitely not because of the crunchy sugar bits) and soft inside gives a resemblance of our traditional Chinese breakfast, Chinese Cruller, which is also known as You Tiao (油条). Of course, Chinese Cruller is simpler in terms of preparing it, and is usually dipped in your cup of coffee or even soya milk. Super Churros is exactly the same as Chinese Cruller in terms of the way of eating, except you dipped with sauces. It might not be a favorable dish among the elders, mainly due to the sweet sauces and also the sugar coating.

Super Loco does not have a designated parking lot of its diners, except to park at the multi-carparks surrounding The Quayside, such as at Studio M Hotel, The Gallery Hotel Parking, and more. They do not accept any reservations unless its a group booking, but looking at the tables (plenty), turnaround time should not take too long.

Accept Reservation: Yes (Group Bookings only)

Super Loco

60 Robertson Quay
#01-13 The Quayside
Singapore 238252

Tel: (65) 6235 8900

Opening Hours
Tues ― Thurs: 1700 ― 0000 hours (Last order at 2215 hours)
Fri: 1700 ― 0100 hours (Last order at 2245 hours)
Sat: 1000 - 1530 hours (Last order at 1515 hours)
       1700 ― 0100 hours (Last order at 2245 hours)
Sun: 1000 - 1530 hours (Last order at 1515 hours)
        1700 –2300 hours (Last order at 2145 hours)

*Closed on Mondays

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