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ilLido Italian Dining

ilLido is one of the place you should consider in bringing your loved one for a fabulous meal, be it lunch or dinner. Classy interior and breathtaking sea view for the outdoor seats, it's sure to set a lovely ambiance and feeling relaxed while enjoying the serene environment. Housed beside the Sentosa Golf Club, it's probably just 5-10 minutes' drive from the Sentosa Gateway, considering several speed cameras along the way.

ilLido Italian Dining provides different menus for weekday and weekend. We went for the weekend lunch, which has a 6-course set lunch and of course the ala-carte menu for those who prefer to customize their own course.

The weekend lunch menu cost around $58.00++ per person, and I think is quite worth it. Why? Scroll down for more...

Porcini Mushroom Foam is not some creamy soup, as read from the name. Its foamy appearance comes with the slight mushroom taste that lingers in your mouth before the next course comes along. What I like about this is the tender taste which is not too strong, but just the action to tickle your taste bud and crave for the next dish.

Not in the set menu, complimentary Cheese Risotto Balls from the chef. Server will come with a fish-bowl like container, placed with 2 of these risotto balls and to be taken off with your bare fingers. It's still warm and the cheesy taste although does not flow from the bite of it, but if you are cheese-lover, this could really make you happy.

Cream of Asparagus with Truffle, which is not really my type of taste. I love asparagus, but the idea of mashing it into creamy soup does not goes well with me. But my companion likes it a lot, especially if you are a truffle lover.

Parma Ham with Artisan Burrata. I love the creation of burrata which shaped like an egg, but slicing it open ooze out not yolk, but a mixture of mozzarella cheese and cream. This Italian cheese is not those kind of thick and cheesy type like the "Cheese Fries" we have in KFC, and thus compliment well with the parma ham.

I was quite surprised that the bread came much later. I wouldn't compliment the bread at all, as it's hard and personally would like to have butter than vinegar sauce to go with. While the bread is part of the cuisine, it should never be the highlight or focus of the entire course.

Pumpkin Tortelli with Truffle Bagna Cauda. Can't really make out the semi-transparent golden sheen, but the bottom lays something like greenish dumplings that are stuffed with boiled pumpkin. I am not a pumpkin lover and I do really hate pumpkin at some point of my life, but this is totally just suitable for me. Pumpkin is not too strong, though of course the sweetness of the pumpkin is still there.

Tagliolini with Crab, Amalfi Lemon and Tarragon. It look nice in picture and presentation, but I couldn't really stand the strong fishy taste that I seem to taste out of it. Well, at least my companion is likes it a lot. Perhaps just my weird taste bud acting up again?

Seabass with Caciucco and Herb Dumplings. In my opinion, a dish of fish is excellent when the meat itself is soft and silky-like, and able to absorb well of the sauce that it comes with. ilLido just managed to do that, making the seabass well-favored among us!

Bone Marrow Crusted Angus Beef Tenderloin, Heirloom Carrots. I wasn't asked how well I would prefer, and it seems to be more like medium-rare. Although it has been a long time since I had a medium-rare beef, its juicy meat with a dab of the pumpkin cream complement well.

Hazelnut Coulant with Spiced Chocolate Gelato. Molten cake that contained dark bitter chocolate which will flow out when sliced open. This dessert is not bad in general, but the bitter taste is a tad strong.

Roasted Strawberries with Vanilla & Yogurt Semifreddo. Among the two desserts in the weekend lunch menu, this is my favorite. This simple yet elegant presentation is not only pretty in looks, but also tasty in mouth. Sweetness of the strawberries and sourness of the semi-frozen ice cream cakes literate a well-balanced dessert to end the meal.

It was quite an experience to dine with such an awesome view of the sea and amicable waiters to serve us. It's no wonder why ilLIdo is sang in high praises by most, and I have no reason not to add on another one.

ilLido Italian Dining

27 Bukit Manis Road
Sentosa Golf Club
Singapore 099892

Tel: (65) 6866 1977

Opening Hours
Tues - Sun: 1200 - 1430 hours (Lunch)
                   1830 - 2230 hours (Dinner)

*Closed on Mondays

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