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Poison Ivy Bistro ~ Bollywood Veggies

If you are looking for a farm-side eatery and only thought of only going overseas to enjoy such, you might be wrong. Somewhere in the West side of Singapore, somewhere near to the infamous abandoned HDB estate, and again somewhere where it's like a countryside with abundant of greenery and seems lack of modern infrastructure, Poison Ivy Bistro is the place.

Actually, the only easiest way in would be having a vehicle to bring you in. Else, you will need to expect a long walk because I don't really see any bus stop along the way.

It was great to see Poison Ivy Bistro has both indoor and outdoor seating, where indoor can be for those scared of heat, while outdoor is extremely great for people who like to enjoy the greenery while dining. I was there around 1-2 in the afternoon, and the weather was pretty fine. Thus, it makes my al-fresco dining an enjoyable one.

Poison Ivy Bistro is a Halal bistro, thus very suitable for Muslims to dine there as well. If you are expecting western-style food, you might in for a disappointment, as they serve more to local-Indian cuisine. If you are not "carnivore", they do have vegetarian food too.

Aloe Vera (Sweetened) ($3.00). Poison Ivy Bistro is neither too stingy nor very generous with the amount of aloe vera thrown in, just the right amount.

I was surprised to see this makeshift paper-crafted "dustbin", which I will usually see back home. Well, at least you do not have to feel bad about making the tables dirty, or having your plates filled with bones instead of yummylicious food!

Warrior's Platter ($20.00 for 2 pax). A total of 6 items, namely Warrior's Chix Curry, Asam Pedas Fish, Tofu with Black Sauce & Mushroom, Chap Chye, Bollywing, and Tempura. All items are served in small portion, but can be filling before you knew it. I would say all the items are average, nothing surprising, but the curry is like a to-try out of all. Oh, not forgetting the Bollywings too!

If this set of platter is deem insufficient, you can go for the 4 pax platter for $40.00.

The Warrior's Platter also come with a bowl of brown rice, clearly displaying 2 portions for 2 pax. There are empty plates of course, and that's how we can own share of rice. Concept is similar to scooping rice from rice cooker. But it does make me wonder why not just served in 2 plates of rice?

Banana Curry ($10.00). I just couldn't take my craving off this item as it seem so unique? I was thinking the curry will be cooked with banana fruit, but no. Basically a sweetened curry with potatoes.

KangKong with Garlic ($8.00). Chopped KangKong? This is one of its kind though. Its crunchiness retains while chopped to look like spring onions. You can opt for the spicy version if you like for the same price, but we decided to go on something lighter.

We had ordered too much, but it seems like a waste to leave without trying their dessert. Settled on Bollywood Dessert Special ($4.00). It consists of a small portion of banana cake, and a cup of vanilla ice cream with what-seems like maple syrup as the sauce.

Food in Poison Ivy Bistro fare average, nothing too special to rave about. But if you are there, to-try is their curry which is not too spicy and comes with a little sweetness. Service is definitely friendly-oriented and food is served in less than 10 minutes of waiting time.

Well, Bollywood Veggies does not only have Poison Ivy Bistro for dining, but also a huge farm for public to walk around without a fee to incur. Seems like either a great way to take a stroll in the "park" before or after meal.

Accept Reservation: Yes

Poison Ivy Bistro

100 Neo Tiew Road
Singapore 719026

Tel: (65) 6898 5001

Opening Hours
Wed - Fri: 0900 - 1830 hours
Sat - Sun: 0800 - 1830 hours

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