Monday, 7 September 2015

Boufe Cafe

Boufe, is a cafe which I think is not a very convenient place to head for, as even the nearest MRT station will probably take around 15-20 minutes walk. But despite the inconvenience, the queue to get a table is astonishingly long as the weekend lunch hours creep in.

Boufe has a "my backyard garden" feel, which does make me wish that I lived in a place like this, with a garden to relax while still within my own premises.

Boufe has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Although it does not look spacious to accommodate lots of diners, the turnaround rate is pretty fast. We were guided to a table in probably less than 20 minutes. While still waiting for table, their board menus are hanged by the wall, else for the ladies, OHVOLA is just right in the same premise.

You might have guessed it, but both OHVOLA and Boufe is owned by the same boss.

Boufe has both the brunch and dinner menu. While you ain't able to expect a variety of food options, Boufe does seem like a perfect place for a chillout session, overlooking the windows or "backyard" for a less "city feel".

To free ourselves from the intense summer heat, we ordered iced drinks to replenish the lost bodily fluids. Iced Lychee Tea ($5.50) and Iced Caramel Latte ($6.50).

My companion's craving for chicken wings is limitless. Thus, here we end up with some bites before the mains. Crispy Wings ($10.00). It has around 4 - 6 pieces in one serving, and although the skin is not crisply-crisp, the wings inside is juicy. I would although, prefer the skin to be more crisp and with a little spices, as it would taste a little bland.

Eggs Benedict ($16.00) is one of the chef recommendation, consisting of homemade brioche with honey baked ham, poached eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce and fresh greens.

Triple B ($21.00), is like the hot favorite of the Boufe Cafe, as while I was waiting for my food to arrive, the same dish came out of the kitchen quite frequently. Boufe's big breakfast with freshly baked buttery croissant served with scrambled eggs, assorted sausages, streaky bacon, sauteed mushroom and fresh green.

Again, another chef recommendation. The sausages consists of normal chicken sausage while the other is garlic chicken sausage. The entire dish focus should be on the sausages, as the little amount of juice that got retained in the sausage just spills out in your mouth, and the tender chicken sausage just make it even more marvelous.

Sadly, we were too full for the desserts, but will make it a point to return back to Boufe for a full course meal, entree to main to dessert!

Accept Reservation: Yes (excluding weekends)


308 Tanglin Road
#01-01 Phoenix Park
Singapore 247974

Tel: (65) 6734 7656

Opening Hours
Tue - Fri: 0800 - 2200 hours
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 2200 hours

*Closed on Mondays

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