Monday, 28 September 2015


I haven't been to Spruce before, and I gave my first to the outlet at Phoenix Park after hearing the food at Tanglin fare better than at Upper Bukit Timah.

There's a bus stop within 5-10 minutes walk, but if you are looking to walk from any nearby MRT, you might want to find a companion or plug some music into your ears if you're alone.

Spruce is a modern American casual dining concept, and is open for lunch and dinner. Of course, drinking is inevitable especially in an American dining concept. I would like not say they have plenty of tables in case where your day of visit may turns out to be a hot day in Singapore. But tables are spaced spaciously, thus you won't feel like being cramped with other diners.

From the exterior seating, it may seem like you are dining in a forest theme, where tall trees are towering the top and almost covering the entire stretch of the open sides.

We made it during the brunch period, and found that the brunch menu's last order is at 1545 hours. Lucky for us, we made our orders, and waited patiently for our food. It wasn't long before my food came, and my camera started clicking off.

Spruce Lemonade with Mint ($6.00), which I really need in a hot weather like this, as a hot drink will make me sweat profusely. We also had the Ice Latte ($8.00) and Camomile Hot Tea ($6.00).

Gentle tip from my friend who is a regular fan of Camomile Hot Tea. Get the honey instead of sugar to blend with the camomile. It makes the tea taste better, and also promote a healthier drinking method with its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Bernaised Truffle Fries ($10.00). Spruce only serve normal fries during the day, but without much persuasion and knowing that we would like to have truffle fries instead, the manager is kind to accede to our special request, which is usually only served during dinner.

Honestly, the bernaised sauce came as a surprise to us, and I believe it does for some others too. It is an evolution of the widely-known Hollandaise sauce, where preparation is the same, except for the use of shallot, peppercorn, chervil, and tarragon for flavoring. This smooth and creamy sauce taste less eggy and comes with a light touch of herb. Definitely my choice now if I am able to choose.

Soft Scrambled Eggs ($18.00). Two pieces of light-toasted bread with a portion of almost well-done scrambled eggs, topped with smoked salmon and caviar. Looks light enough for anyone not wanting to have a heavy breakfast to kick-start the day.

Crab Cake Benny ($25.00), is one of four Benedict Collection in Spruce. My addiction for sausage came along, and in the end added another $5.00 for the pork sausage as my additional side.

It does really seem pricey, but I really have to complement on the crab cake. Lightly-fried on the outer, and came out the shredded-like crab meat when sliced. While it's all just crab meat and nothing else to fill up the cake, the taste of crab did not wane.

If you are looking for normal food, where it's not just the usual toast and eggs, Pork Bolognese ($22.00) can be one of your options of the 7 items under the Savory section of the menu.

Dessert wasn't in our mind till another table came along this towering slice of dark chocolate cake, which intrigued us to go for it. Double Chocolate Caramel Crunch Cake ($12.00) is what we had too.

The immerse chocolate-y taste and crunchy bits is well shared among the 3 of us, and licked clean off the plate.

Overall, I would rate the brunch food served at Tanglin Road to be average. A fried of mine visited 3 thrice to this outlet for dinner and even claimed it was good, also commented the brunch is not justifiable for its dinner. Location can be not very accessible, but ample parking lots and served a good place for sit down, get some food and catch up with friends.


320 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247980

Tel: (65) 6836 5528

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 1030 – 2230 hours
Sat - Sun: 0900 – 2230 hours
*Bar open till late
*Brunch from 0900 - 1545 hours (available only on weekends)

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