Monday, 12 October 2015

Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro

Previously visited Miska Cafe in Quayside Isle for lunch, which ended up in disappointment, both in service and food. But as a saying goes, do not let one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. Went on to try another restaurant, still hoping to enjoy some good food and enjoying the serenity of yachts bobbling up and down by their berth.

Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro has different menu(s) presented at different times of the day. Coincidentally, we went on a weekend and brunch is available to, aside from the ala-carte menu.

Brunch menu is available during the weekends till 1730 hours only.

Needed some cold beverages to water off the heat. Pineapple Juice ($5.90) and Fruit Tea ($5.50 + $1.00 for ice).

The Full Monty Brekkie ($24.00), which has a pair of German pork sausage, rainbow trout, poached eggs, paprika hollandaise, toasted focaccia, roasted tomato and fresh organic mixed greens.

Overall was ok, but the poached egg style is first of a kind to me. Firm whites but oozy yolk, which I don't see it in other F&B establishments. My personal preference goes to the version did by Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro! In addition, added credit to the rainbow trout which although thin slices, the sweetness of it made me loved it already.

Tiger Beer-Battered Halibut ($26.00), a lunch item in the ala-carte menu that comes with white truffle-scented shoestring fries, wasabi-infused yuzu shoyu, and tartar.

Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro aims to serve freshly-supplied seafood on a daily basis, and I have no doubt about it. Tiger Beer-Battered Halibut is quite a satisfaction as the fish meat looks silky-soft and easily comes off like a flake. The taste is nonetheless marvellous.

There are several restaurant surrounding the marina, and prices are not cheap either. But once awhile, some pampering is still needed to award yourself for having gone through the hectic work week.

Accept Reservation: Yes

Quayside Fish Bar & Bistro

31 Ocean Way
#01-11 Quayside Isle
Singapore 098375

Tel: (65) 6268 8633

Opening Hours
Mon: 1730 - 0000 hours
Tues - Thurs: Noon - 0000 hours
Fri: Noon - 0100 hours
Sat: 1000 - 0100 hours
Sun: 1000 – 0000 hours

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