Monday, 19 October 2015

Sin Lee Foods

It was suggested by a friend to give Sin Lee Foods a try on one of our gathering. Given the rave about its chicken waffles, it really makes us wonder what's so special about it.

Housed under a HDB in an old estate, it is not easy to locate. Not till you had the intention to visit Sin Lee Foods, or chanced upon it by accident.

If you are looking for brunch, Sin Lee Foods sadly does not serve any of such, but if you did your research, one would usually not go for the eggs benedict and such in Sin Lee Foods.

While waiting patiently for the whole attendance, the rest of us can't bear to starve ourselves while surrounded by waves of weaving food aroma.

Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries ($12.00) is a mixture of sweet potato with homemade salted duck egg sauce and curry leaves. I would have preferred a more generous serving of the salted egg, and one which the salted egg sauce would not harden that easily, such as a similar one I had before at LeBan HK Cafe. But besides that, the combination of sweet and salted taste just blend nicely.

Not really a popular dish among my group, but I still suggested to have the Spam Fries ($8.00). Basically, you can imagine it as a canned luncheon meat, cut into fries-like shape, fried and added with red aioli to taste. A very normal side to have, but at least the "fries" is not airy when you bite. Every bite you took is a filling one.

The Breakfast Tortilla ($19.00) consists of pork bratwurst, spicy chorizo, creamy scrambled hen's eggs, bacon rashers, mushroom ragout, yellow corn tortillas, smashed avocado fresh greens and parmesan.

Beef & Grains ($24.00) that has 180 grams of seared marbled striploin, orzo rice, fried and runny range hen's eggs, sweet sour ginger, furikake and scallions. Seems almost exactly like the Chinese 烩饭, also known as "Mui Fan", soaked with sweet gravy. It can be quite sweet, thus not really recommended for those who can't really take sweet stuffs.

Soft Shell Bun ($19.00) that has breaded soft shell crab, kimchi aioli, house slaw, buttered and toasted bun, and also with double-fried russet potato fries. This dish took the longest time to arrive, and although it is better than the above two dishes, it still fares lower than what it coming up next.

Sin Lee's Fried Chicken & Waffles ($21.90). Sin Lee Foods used boneless chicken leg, topped on a fat waffle, with house slaw and maple butter. Some people would have preferred to have the waffles replaced with rice, just like eating fried chicken chop, but I take it as a unique creation. The fried chicken is juicy and can be eaten with plain waffle, or you may even eat it separately, because chicken with maple butter doesn't seems to go well.

It was quite crowded but isn't suffocating. Despite the crowd, crew are still serving with smiles, except that diner have to make their way to the cashier for placing orders. It was a surprise though, that Sin Lee Foods actually accept reservations with such limited seats and popularity.

Accept Reservation: Yes

Sin Lee Foods

4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 162004

Tel: (65) 6377 3170

Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 1000 - 2100 hours

*Closed on Mondays

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