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Dragon Bowl (龍碗) Cantonese Restaurant

Aperia Mall was never in my own map of Singapore, till I chanced upon a Chinese restaurant that is situated right here.

I often passed by the area and seeing Tim Ho Wan, a Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant, but neither have pay a visit to this branch nor have I checked out what is the exact location called. In my mind, it's just the dim sum restaurant at Kallang.

Anyway I was there to try out the Chinese Restaurant, known as Dragon Bowl (龍碗). It doesn't seem like a typical Chinese restaurant, as it infuses a bit of modern interior designs and furnishings. The typical open concept of the F&B shop in a mall, yet for a Chinese restaurant is pretty first to me.

Despite it being in mall, rather than a big restaurant by itself, every crew is smartly-attired and presented to the diners. Easily with a vest or long-sleeved shirt, each of them presented to the diner a friendly and approachable face, giving diners a welcoming experience.

I was there at around 1930 hours for dinner, and it wasn't as crowded till I was seated and people started streaming in.

Dragon Bowl's menu is in a tablet form, and will be provided to you when you are brought to the table.

Total of 13 types of food selections, excluding recommendations, beverages and set menus, it has basically what you see in most Chinese restaurants.

Add your food orders to the ordering cart, and get the attention of the crew to settle the rest of the process. Waiting time is not too long, roughly 10-15 minutes and the food will gradually line up on your table.

Trio Combination ($18.00). Under the Roast Meat Delight section, this combination consists of char siew, roast chicken, and jellyfish. Both meat is tender and aren't any complains to pinpoint, although I would prefer the jellyfish to be replaced with roast duck or other roast meat.

Stewed Spinach with Trio Egg Soup ($10.80), under Vegetable Delight. I used to have similar dish ordered when I visit Chinese restaurants, and seeing this in the menu kinder my liking for it.

Trio eggs consist of chicken egg, salted egg, and century egg. The mixture of all 3 eggs and with spinach, poured with flavourful stock is a perfect combination to go with the rice.

Stir-Fried Spare Rib with Sichuan Spicy Sauce & Minced Garlic ($14.80), under the Pork section. Each pieces are meaty and meat aren't too dry. I would expect this dish to be spicy, but it turned out to be ok only. The generosity of the minced garlic sprinkled on the spare ribs and fried with the dried chilli leaves a significant taste of chilli oil with each bite of the rib. Even with the taste of chilli oil, those who aren't spicy-taker should be able to accept too.

Braised Beancurd ($10.80), under Beancurd Delight. A simple combo of flat beans, squarish beancurd, and pork belly soaked in thick braised gravy. This is always my another perfect dish to go with a bowl of plain rice. But the version of Dragon Bowl comes a little inferior in comparison of my expectation.

What comes disappointing to me is the exceptionally poor in flavourful gravy. The pork belly and beancurd can be soft and great absorbent of gravy, but the gravy is one of the key highlights in a dish, it should be overlooked.

Fried Rice with Shrimp & Diced Vegetable ($10.80), under Staple Food. One of the most common dish in a tze char stall and even all other Chinese restaurants, took quite some time to arrive.

While Dragon Bowl supply big fatty shrimps for their fried rice, the rice is too dry and bland to be even considered an average pass. Not sure if this is the case for the rest of the fried rice versions, but it has left a scar in me and got me against harbouring the thought of ordering their fried rice again.

Sea Bass steamed in HK style ($33.00), under the Live Seafood. Dragon Bowl seafood is priced at $0.00 in the menu, thus do make sure to check the price before confirming the order.

Fish came as a humble whole, and crew will assist to slice it apart for ease of consuming. Fish meat is firm yet soft, and is not an undernutrition fish either.

We were extremely full, but dessert is still running in the thoughts of our stomach. There are altogether 3 desserts that we ordered from the Dessert Delight section, and all 3 are quite satisfying. This being said, I still prefer the 2nd dessert pictured below.

Mango Sago with Pomelo ($5.00).

Mango Pudding ($5.00). Thick and bouncy mango pudding with cuts of strawberry as topping, and creamy milk over it. This is going to be my recommended dessert for Dragon Bowl.

Herbal Jelly ($5.00).

All the dishes we ordered are small servings, and could easily fill up the stomach of fours. Although not all the dishes are equally yummy and satisfactory, it is still worth to pay a return visit to try on the other dishes, or most importantly, a plate of their roast meat and a bowl of white rice!

Accept Reservation: Yes

Dragon Bowl Cantonese Restaurant

12 Kallang Avenue
#02-09 Aperia Mall
Singapore 339511

Tel: (65) 6702 1588

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1130 - 2200 hours
Sat - Sun: 1100 - 2200 hours

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