Monday, 30 November 2015

Homemade - Indo Mee, Curry Chicken flavour

*Note: This is not an advertorial

I have heard my Indonesian friends raving about the goodness of Indo Mee but never got the chance to get it. My first experience with Indo Mee is when I visited DBS Marina Regatta 2015, and ordered the Indo Mee Special with Chicken. The taste could be splendid to me perhaps due to the sauces, but it has intrigued me try out more of it!

I have thus, enquired with my Indonesian friend, and found that there is a slight difference in taste for those bought in Singapore and Indonesia. So, I troubled him to bring a few back, and one of it was the curry flavour.

I have never tried the Singapore version before right from the pack, but I might one day, to get a better comparison on my own.

The package consist seasonings such as chilli, seasoning oil, and bumbu sauce, which is also known as the spices mixture.

To be honest, I have never really like having my instant noodles being plain. Whenever I can, I will add in some sides to make my instant noodle richer in taste!

Here I have, an egg, partial can of luncheon meat, as well as some kind of frozen dumpling my mum had encouraged me to go along to clear her freezer.

The packaging is called Fresh Dumpling, but I doubt the freshness of it. However, the taste is not bad and has made my bowl of instant noodle more meaty.

This is how I usually cook my instant noodles. It may differ from your way of cooking but everyone has their own preferred way. Hence, here's mine!

I would usually turn on the heat to high, in getting the water boiled, before putting in the entire chunk of preserved noodle. Once the noodle starts to soften, I will gradually turn down the heat to medium then low ,and wait till the noodle breaks down to its individual strands.

One way how I determine if the noodle is good to turn to low heat, is when a strand can be break apart with a squeeze between the chopsticks.

When the heat is turned to low, it is also the time I put in my sides such as my luncheon meat and the thawed dumplings as I mentioned earlier.I will continue let the entire pot simmer in low heat for a couple of minutes before I crack an egg in it.

The reason I threw in the egg last is because I do not want my egg to be fully cooked, to a point where the yolk is hard like rubber.

Once the whites start to get cooked, I will leave it for another 1 minute or so, before dishing out to my bowl.

No, I have not forgot to pour in the seasonings!

While the noodle is still piping hot, I will dump in all the seasonings, and mixed in from the bowl.

After mixing, the soup will turn slightly yellowish-green.

Even though this is curry chicken flavour, the curry smell is not pungent enough, let alone the spiciness. But overall, it is still yummy meal.

In comparison with the Korean Samyang Spicy Noodle, Indo Mee still fare way below. Perhaps till date, the best tasty instant noodle is still the Samyang Spicy Noodle.

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