Monday, 2 November 2015

Pong - Gelato in a Coconut Husk

Something caught my attention when I was walking up the staircase to the indoors of *Scape. Gelato in a husk?! Well, it could be just a gimmick to attract the attention of people, pretty much like a marketing tactic, but I admit I fell for it! But, I am not ashamed of it!

Pong welcomes ice-creamers with a friendly service. Aside from their coconut gelato and sorbets being lactose-free and naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, Pong also ensured that their coconuts are selected in having tender coconut flesh and succulent juice.

We had the hot-seller item printed on their banner, Coconut Gelato with Mango Sorbet in Coconut Husk ($5.50). It comes with 3 toppings, and among the 6 toppings Pong have, we took only nata de coco and white pearls, which we have extra topping for the nata de coco.

Other than the coconut gelato and mango sorbet, there are other fat-free sorbets such as passion fruit and banana. For the toppings, Pong have also attap seed, peanut, cornflakes, red bean, and corn among the 6 selections.

Pong dug out the coconut flesh, leaving the empty husk filled with big scoop of gelato and sorbet, and ample amount of toppings. Apart from the husk, there will also be a disposable plastic cup with a tiny bit of flesh and sweet coconut juice. Not even sufficient for a mouthful of the juice, I took small sips to enjoy it longer!

Creamy and savoury taste of sorbets and gelato makes the eating off from husk an interesting experience.

Halfway through, I was surprised to find tender slices of coconut flesh beneath the coconut gelato. Well, saved me from the tough process in hard-scrubbing off the flesh, which usually left me irritated and wasted. There you go, extra topping for free!

Pong is a takeaway stall, where chairs and tables can be anywhere, aside from those meant for other stalls. Therefore, find any public spaces available and you can sit and enjoy your dessert!

I took the concrete seats at the *Scape playground, and saw the Grange Infinite condominium directly in front of me. Doesn't the design of the alternate floors makes you feel like pressing it to achieve a flat surface on it? Haha. But in any case, I still love the design!

Pong is definitely one of the dessert place I will visit again. Having enjoyed the mango sorbet, I now hold equal expectations for the passion fruit and banana flavours too!


2 Orchard Link
#02-18C *Scape
Singapore 237978

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1230 - 2200 hours

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