Monday, 28 December 2015

Casa Italia ~ Gelato and Coffee ~

Casa Italia has 13 outlets in Singapore-wide, mostly serving gelatos, coffes, and also pizzas. I'm not really a gelato-type of person, but the hot weather is seriously melting me and a cup of ice-cream or such at that time is going to help me a lot!

It was my first time visiting Capitol Piazza, and seriously I didn't of its existence till I got wind of cafes sprouting in it.Casa Italia is one of them. Lacking of tables and chairs if you are looking for one, there is actually a fountain near a spiral staircase. Free seating!

With over 20 flavours in the store, I get a little spoilt for choice. Free tasting is available as in most ice cream shops, so do make use of this in deciding the preferred flavours to be scooped into your cup.

Perhaps in other outlets there are pizzas, but not that I know of for the outlet in Capitol Piazza. I have not tried the coffee before, but for Casa Italia's gelatos, it's worth a cup!

Being spoilt for choice, I decided to order the medio size ($7.70) in cup, which consist of 2 scoops. Right in this cup, I had chosen Strawberry Cheesecake and Nutty Chocolate. I love the thick and creamy taste of the gelatos, and the strong taste of flavour which is evident of Casa Italia's premium gelatos made from natural ingredients, and free of preservatives and colorants.

Right at the cashier, there are additional toppings for free. But I give it a miss so that I can enjoy the pureness of the gelatos.

Casa Italia

13 Stamford Road
#B2-30 Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905

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