Monday, 21 December 2015

Tanjong Beach Club ~Coastal Cuisine~

Enjoying some good sun-tanning or after a game of beach sports, when your stomach started to growl in hunger...

Tanjong Beach Club is one of the Bistro-cum-Bar situated at the end of Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. A stone throw away from the carpark, Tanjong Beach Club has a setting of a normal restaurant, and also a beach-bar like. What's more, there's also a swimming pool cornered by the bistro and bar. For once, I almost feel like I've just flew out of Singapore.

Tanjong Beach Club has both indoor and outdoor seating, but definitely to go for the indoor if you are lunching here. The hot weather might just throw off your better mood anytime throughout the meal.

Tanjong Beach Club's menu has All-Day and also Brunch. Although brunch is only available during the weekends and public holidays, the All-Day menu is quite enticing still. 

Root Beer Float ($10.00). Normal rootbeer float of IBC root beer and vanilla ice cream, yet charging at 10 bucks? Well, this cup of drink is pretty huge compared to the usual type. So probably the price is still steep, but at least the serving can cover up some of the loss.

USDA Angus Prime Ribeye ($55.00) with chimichurri sauce. As usual, I ordered it to be cooked rare, but the result is quite disappointing, considering the price paid. Overall is still passable but will not be in my recommendation list for the steak-lovers.

Not really in favour of having chimichurri as the sauce. It is a sauce meant for grilled meat, but I still prefer black pepper sauce and such type, where it is thick and creamy.

Traditional Eggs Benedict ($24.00), with two poached eggs, smoked bacon, toasted English muffin, and hollandaise sauce. When you are spoilt for choice, the most basic brunch item in the menu is always the best!

Truffle Fries ($15.00). Lacking of intense truffle taste, which is quite disappointing.

Overall, I don't think it is worth a return visit, as the food is probably just a passable rate, and the price and travelling time spent could be well-spent on another place. Not unless you are already in the area, or wanting to enjoy the beach-side atmosphere with a group of laughable friends.

Accept Reservation: Yes

Tanjong Beach Club

120 Tanjong Beach Walk
Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
Singapore 098942

Tel: (65) 9750 5323

Opening Hours
Tue - Fri: 1100 - 2200 hours
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 2300 hours (Brunch till 1600 hours)

*Closed on Mondays

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