Monday, 14 December 2015

Wayne's ChillOut ~ Eat.Drink.Chill ~

An alternative to the old-school push cart ice cream block, Wayne's ChillOut is the right shop in The Punggol Settlement for people to have nice and icy dessert after hours of sweating out under the hot sun, or even to complete a meal with dessert.

Vibrant colours walls are signboards that are not just pleasing to the eyes, but also a psychology effect that cool one mentally.

Both indoor and outdoor are nicely-decorated too with colourful chairs.

Wayne's ChillOut not only serve ice creams, but also pizzas, waffles and beverages.

There are altogether 12 different ice cream flavours, and all are homemade by Wayne's ChillOut! As also checked with the crew, they change their flavours on a weekly basis, and is always trying to innovate new flavours.

While they understand that there are some very well-liked and common flavours in most ice cream shops, Wayne's ChillOut do keep some common flavours too like the chocolate, vanilla, and such.

I had ordered just a Single Scoop ($5.00) of cookies & cream, where Double Scoop is around $8.00. It is not really a big scoop and taste is a little creamy, but overall taste I would still rate as acceptable and satisfactory.

I would love to try out their waffles and pizzas, but to head all the way down there would seems to be a chore unless I happen to pass by the area.

Wayne's ChillOut

3 Punggol Point Road
#02-11 The Punggol Settlement
Singapore 828694

Tel: (65) 6288 6264

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1400 - 2300 hours
Sat - Sun: 1100 - 2300 hours

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