Monday, 11 January 2016

Dazzling Cafe ~ 蜜糖吐司專賣店 ~

I heard about the rave for Dazzling Cafe that originated from Taiwan. What Dazzling Cafe famous for, is it's honey toast. But, let's leave that to the later part!

Situated in Capitol Piazza, directly opposite City Hall MRT, it is just a pedestrian crossing away. Dazzling Cafe is located somewhere around the perimeter of Capitol Theatre. I have heard about the queue for approximately 2 hours, and was wondering if this wait is going be worth. Fortunately or not, we were told waiting time is a minimum of an hour, but we can leave our contact and wait to be contacted when there is an available seat. Seems like a good time to walk around and further maxing your hunger level?

Dazzling Cafe has a kind of cutesy decoration, with alternate chairs having a pair of bunny ears, which is instagram-worthy! It has limited seats, even though they have lower and upper storey. Any other interesting stuff will be its made-up fireplace, made up of a tv monitor showing a fire burning.

Dazzling Cafe has food menu and dessert-cum-drinks menu separated. Their dessert is more like a main too, so you might actually consider sharing the food among your group, rather than having one each.

Here is a sample of the desserts menu. Just looking at the pictures alone is enough to make me flip the pages several times to decide on one.

Fresh Brewed Apple Tea 冰酿薄荷蜂蜜苹果茶 ($6.00). I find the taste a little weird, perhaps due to the little or no sugar added. But overall is still a healthy drink.

Truffle Mushroom Risotto with Freshly Shaved Truffle 黑松露蘑菇烩饭 ($24.90). This plate of delicious yet plain-looking risotto consist of mixed wild mushrooms, red onions, and garlic being simmered in white wine reduction topped with fresh black truffle shavings, parmesan cheese and truffle oil.

This firm yet mushy and creamy risotto is worth a try with its flavourful taste.

Pan Seared Duck Breast Spaghetti in Orange Mustard Sauce 橙汁芥末鸭胸意大利面 ($24.90). What is a plain normal dish of spaghetti and duck breast slices, has got a twist with the addition of orange reduction and pommary mustard sauce.

It is actually not bad, and fare above average. The orange-y sauce is unique to me, but probably my first time trying it, it inevitably got me to compare against the Truffle Mushroom Risotto with Freshly Shaved Truffle, and the latter got the better side of me.

Buffalo Wings 水牛城辣鸡翅 ($15.90). Five pieces of the meaty buffalo wings, comes in reddish color and pungent tabasco smell. But do not be fooled by the presentation!

It might be spicy to peeps who can't stand any bit of chili taste, but to those who does, it is definitely not spicy at all and has a sour taste too due to the tabasco. I did a sniff of it pretty near to my nose, and I got choked by it.

Being at Dazzling Cafe, honey toast is one of their specialty and you have to try it! They have a variety of toasts and we had the Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast 芒果椰子蜜糖吐司 ($18.90).

Seems to be half a loaf of bread used to prepare the toast, with a big scoop of coconut gelato, and a moderate supply of mango cubes and sauce. Presentation is awesome and crew will actually leave it at your table for photo-taking, before you even request for it. Once you done with all the snapping, kindly request for them to teach you how to consume it in the best way without making a mess!

There are a couple of ways I saw, but mine is simply to slice open the sides, and place the scoop of gelato on any flat side. Inside the toast will be cubes of normal toast to be smeared with the mango sauce, coconut gelato and mango cubes! Awesome dish for the sweet-takers.

Prices are on the higher end, but it still calls for a return trip for their various honey toasts, and the welcoming and cheerful greeting. Despite the prices, a queue is still expected and it would be good if you are able to go early and be it the line before your stomach goes on starvation mode.

Accept Reservation: No

Dazzling Cafe

15 Stamford Road
#01-85 Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 2000hours

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