Monday, 25 January 2016

Sum Kee Food

I got to know about Sum Kee Food while scrolling through my Instagram, and a salted egg dish caught my attention. When my friend knew about it, the first reaction was a "Must Go!". Thus, it was also conveniently planned for the coming weekend.

Located along the stretch of VivoCity, it is located inside Yeo's Building and its signature is placed proudly from the main road, so it is easy to locate it.

Sum Kee Food has outdoor and indoor seating. What amused me was the wide and spacious frontyard from the entrance. Seems very much like a traditional Chinese entry to a mansion.

Sum Kee Food is just like a typical tze char or a Chinese restaurant. What's so special about Sum Kee Food though, is their online ordering menuHere is also a brief glance of the entire food in the order chit.

I am not sure if the online ordering is more like an order online than reach there for food without much wait, or you really get to order and get it delivered to you. But whichever it is, this online ordering has got the traditional tze char concept modernising.

We quickly settled on the items to order as the hunger has set in early that night.

Ultraman Chicken 咸蛋鸡 ($12.00). This is the dish we immediately circled, because this was what we were here for! Basically chicken chunks cooked with salted egg yolk. Simple dish as it sounds, but I like how balanced the saltiness is, and also how the chicken chunk has kind of devoured the taste of salted egg yolk into it.

Coffee Pork Rib 咖啡排骨王 ($10.00). I have tasted the same dish in other places before, but Sum Kee Food leaves me a deeper impression due to its intense coffee taste on the tender boneless pork ribs.

Chicken Floss Tofu 鸡肉松豆腐 ($10.00). I have tried before braised tofu, claypot tofu, hotplate tofu, and so on. But Chicken Floss Tofu is still my first. Nothing too special except for the addition of chicken floss, but would be a comfort dish to go with rice.

Sum Lor Horfun 三捞河粉 ($6.00). Thick slices of fishes and beansprouts cooked together with the horfun tucked at the bottom. With this on the table, rice can be given a miss.

Mince Meat Omelette 肉碎煎蛋 ($8.00). I was actually quite disappointed with the size of the omelette when it came. Seems to be cooked with a single egg, which could be because we ordered the smaller portion. But presentation aside, the price for it could still be cheaper.

Bai Ling Ku Vegetable 白灵菇炒菜 ($15.00). Categorised under the fungus family, it is no doubt one of my favourite mushroom. Soft slices of the mushroom and thick savoury sauce would suffice with a bowl of rice.

Four Season Bean 菜脯四季豆 ($10.00). This dish of long beans is not spicy as it look like, or rather not a single spiciness can be tasted. The beans seem to have not been chopped to smaller lengths, but is still as crunchy.

Prawn Sauce Chicken 虾酱鸡 ($10.00). The chilli that comes with the juicy wings is a little sour, and it doesn't complement the Prawn Sauce Chicken at all. But just mouthing the wings without the wings, is good enough to keep on grabbing one after another and enjoy the spurting of the juicy wings as you bite in.

Overall, I would say the dishes do seem a little pricey, but if it's like a family dinner or gathering with a large group of friends, Sum Kee Food is definitely one of the place I would recommend.

Accept Reservation: Yes (Large groups)

Sum Kee Food

2 Telok Blangah Street 31
Yeo's Building
Singapore 108942

Tel: (65) 6737 3233

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 1430 hours
                   1730 - 2300 hours

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