Monday, 4 January 2016

UYI ~ Savoury Squids ~

UYI Savoury Squids has only one outlet in Singapore now, but is expecting to expand further in the near future, giving squid-lovers more accessibility to get their teeth biting on!

Located at the basement of Bugis Junction, along with the other food kiosks, it is located just right opposite one of the fast-food giant, KFC.

UYI Savoury Squids has it's squids imported from Japan, and this could also explain the giant squids cooked in the kiosk. This small food kiosk serves only snacks, mainly fried and grilled. What it stand out is the focus on squid snacks, the different flavours to suit different people's preference, and of course it's affordable price!

UYI Savoury Squids's must try, which is also their signature, are Large Crispy Squid and Grilled Squid. They are the signatures because of their giant size, different flavours to choose from, and the taste of it!

Large Crispy Squid ($6.80). Probably width is as around the size of an average adult palm, squid has been deep-fried as a whole and allowed to select one out of a total of six flavours, including the original.
Out of hot & spicy, seaweed & pepper, salt & pepper, curry, and sour plum, we had the seaweed & pepper, which is one of their top pick flavour, followed by hot & spicy.

Just like how you would normally eat off from the satay stick, you just have to bite as the squid is not being pierced bit by bit. Although being deep fried, beneath the crispy skin is the juicy meat of the squid and retaining it's chewiness.

The flavour that we chose gave the overall taste a tint of saltiness as well as a little of the pepper-ish. I love the overall taste, but if you prefer the Shilin's Chicken Cutlet and it's spicy powder, you may opt for the hot & spicy flavour but with squid in replacement of the chicken.

Grilled Squid ($3.80). Comes with 3 sauces, obasan bbq, obasan fiery sauce, and zi ran sauce. If you are one who can take spiciness, you can go for the obasan fiery sauce and ask for EXTRA HOT!! Else, the normal hot level will do too.

Be it fried or grilled version of UYI Savoury Squids's signatures, the chewiness of a fresh squid remains.

If you are looking for a quick set to grab your hands on, UYI Savoury Squids has both set A and B, where Set A ($7.50) consists of a Large Crispy Squid with drink of your choice, and Set B ($4.50) for a Grilled Squid plus a drink of your choice too.

Of course the set drinks are limited to a lemonade, lemon tea, and green tea, each costing $1.50 ala-carte. They do have sjora mango drink too, but to be added to the set drink will cost an additional $0.50. Perfect for office workers as quick grabs but still able to enjoy a delicious squid and a drink.

Other than their signatures, we also tried their sides.

Grilled Prawns ($3.20), which comes in either original or hot & spicy flavour. The big, juicy, and crunchy prawns is a must-try among all the sides!

Golden Squid Head ($3.80), which also comes in either original or hot & spicy flavour. This, come not in skewers but in a paper bag, which makes picking up of the individual squid head for consuming with ease.

This has been fried too, and there is no raw squid taste or juice coming out of the head, if you are wondering.

The only non-squid snack but still a seafood, Japanese Style Spicy Crab ($7.80). Contained in a paper bowl and goes a little crunch in your mouth as you bite. Comes in only one flavour, but the level of spiciness is not worth mentioning for those who can really handle chillies.

Finally, a snack which in small pieces, and suitable for kids to eat right away. Popcorn Squid ($3.80), comes in salt & pepper, or hot & spicy flavours.

Locals are fond of seafood, and no doubt UYI Savoury Squids is starting to get more likes and bound-for-return customers. In view of expanding more food options for the lunch crowd especially, UYI Savoury Squids will also be introducing bento sets using Japanese rice very soon.

I see no reason why I won't be coming back again and surely be recommending to my squid-lover friends!


200 Victoria Street
#B1-K5 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1000 - 2200 hours

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