Monday, 1 February 2016

J65 ~ South East Asian Buffet ~

Buffet is likely to be everyone's favourite, and one can never have enough of servings.

J65 is an all-day dining buffet restaurant that provides mainly South-East Asian cuisine, and some are what I have never seen before in other buffet places.

J65 is just right behind the showcase of plants, which has a ramp leading down to the receptionist while at the same time have an overview the buffet area.

The first thing that actually caught my attention was the live performance, directly facing into the buffet dining area. Imagine walking around, putting food on to your plates, and munching on the varies of food, at the same time with beautiful music and singing floating around. The overall ambience is awesome and it widens your appetite!

However, it seems to be only for the weekend, for do plan your schedule well.

The variety served can make someone go woah and suddenly feeling helpless in where to start from. If you are a meat lover, this is definitely one of the paradise!

There are of course seafood and even for those greeny lovers! It's rare to see a section full of vegetables, and is definitely a hit among the health-conscious group. Mind you, the salad is not just normal salad, but different combinations for you to choose from!

The seafood spread is unlimited and worth just going there for it. All of it are placed on a bed of ice to preserve its freshness and overall taste!

There are of course also sushi and sashimi!

For the real cooked dishes, where some might want to scoop it directly from a warm pot, you are in for a treat too. Just by a pillar, several pots surround it, and all looks appetizing and it's hard to decide which one should you start on.

Best of all, I saw Salted Egg Prawns, and also Ngoh Hiang!

What really interest me is a couple of steps down to another area, there is this kitchen-like section ready to chop roast pork belly, roasted chicken, steamed chicken, and also char siew! They also have chicken rice, which rice comes in form of a ball! I had a similar experience with chicken rice ball, just when it first started to get popular in Singapore, but I have to say J65's is so much better.

Just beside it, there is a laksa store, which cook not one, but a total of 6 different flavours of laksa! Where else can you find this in a buffet restaurant? If I have 6 stomachs, I will gladly try each of them!

Moving on to desserts, they have the usual slice of cakes, ice creams, and also nyonya kuih! I can't leave without having it when there is one. Overall, the variety is not limited, and you might want to leave a little more space than usual for the last part of the buffet!

J65 does have wine pairing, but if you are looking for something non-alcoholic, they have carrot juice, fruit punch, and even soya bean with grass jelly packaged in a bottle! This is something interesting I have not seen elsewhere, in terms of not just the packaging but also the drinks!

Enough of the showing around, and time to tuck in!

We have tried the Penang Laksa, and also the Singapore Laksa. The contrasting difference between both has made me confirmed Singapore Laksa is still my favourite!

Penang Laksa comes with a little sourness, whereas Singapore Laksa is creamier!

Like I've said, always leave room for desserts.

After the lunch, we had the chance to be tour around the hotel and introduced to the suite which is pretty awesome.

First upon the entrance of the hotel, we can see reception counter with designs of old suitcases rather than the commonly used plain or marble designs.

Directly opposite the reception counter is a pair swing chair and square cushions for a perfect photograph.

Beside the reception counter (again), they have complimentary drink dispenser and even mobile phone charger! This is available for the general public use, but it's always best we know our limits and do not abuse the free-usage of such services/facilities.

At the lift lobby, there are bicycles attached to the wall and can be treated as a trick picture kind. Stand on the ground while hanging on to the bicycle while having a photograph taken, and tilt your phone when viewing it to see the trick effect!

There's also some interesting signs towards the end of the lift lobby that is perhaps instagram-worthy.

Corridor to the suite!

The suite is pretty cool, which look like a studio apartment. The view overlooks the swimming pool, a perfect spot for chilling and some reflection.

The room has a special design to it, whereby when lights are off, the bed below will be glowing and almost look like a levitation bed. Doesn't it?

The bed stand is just right in the middle of the bed, unlike the usual bed frames.

Overall, the buffet spread is more to local taste, and price ain't steep. J65 is able to accommodate large groups due to its spacious seating plan, and the injection of live band performances does make the usual stillness of a buffet meal more lively.

For the hotel rooms, price remain affordable and do note the consumable items in the room are all free! Well, if you realized when we go to hotel rooms, all the coffee powder or bottled waters are chargeable and to be accounted for during checkout. But in Hotel Jen Tanglin, they make it a point that such are free and need not be accounted for!


1A Cuscaden Road
Lobby Level Hotel Jen Tanglin
Singapore 249716

Opening Hours
Mon - Wed: 0630 - 2130 hours
Thurs - Sat: 0630 - 2200 hours
Sun: 0630 - 2130 hours

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