Monday, 29 February 2016

Truly Test Kitchen

Have you ever wonder where else in Singapore would you be able to have a fulfilling lunch, yet at affordable price?

I wondered before, and it is really rare to spot such. Truly Test Kitchen opened since 2015 in the premises of Tai Seng, is one of such place, with a total of 5 stalls selling unique food items. Located in a industrial building, and situated at a high floor, you may think this is a crazy move.

With shop space of 3000 square feet, team of Truly Group is able to manage a hawker centre and consistently creating new items and menu. Furthermore, being in a industrial area allow the team to target the industrial workers, promising them a full meal with local taste of food, as well as not burning a hole in their pockets.

The 5 unique stalls are Hand-Made Meatball Porridge, Noodles, Truly Western, Truly Curry Rice, and of course Drinks.

Each of these stalls had us stunned in awe because of the cheap prices, and at the moment most would have hope to be working around the area, and thus lunch would have save a considerable amount!

Although Truly Test Kitchen was opened in 2015, they had a history of managing a hawker stall since 2013 selling curry rice in Telok Blangah. If you are a curry rice enthusiast, you might love Truly Curry Rice stall.

I believe most have tried those scissor cut curry rice, but Truly Curry Rice does it a little differently by drenching an abundant of curry over your rice. What a generous serving you might say, but this is what I've always been hoping for when I asked for curry from the hawkers.

It has 2 pricing versions, where $2 for cutlet and rice, and also a $3 with vegetable. This can definitely satisfy your craving for curry!

From the Noodles stall, we had 2 types of noodle, where one is cooked from what seems to be maggie mee, and another is the egg noodles. Although both comes in different soup base, they are equally thick and flavorful. However I prefer the one with egg noodles because the other is of assam taste and it isn't really what I would normally order for myself.

Chicken Ball Porridge ($3.00) and Pumpkin Cake ($2.00) are both from the Hand-Made Meatball Porridge stall.

Mimicking the classic Cantonese-style porridge, the meatball is definitely handmade and I love it because the the meat is not tough at all and ain't plain in taste. This get to show at least the seasoning is done well and not overcooked prior to serving.

I am not pumpkin lover, and detest drinking pumpkin soup. But the Pumpkin Cake doesn't carry a strong pumpkin taste, which is more of my personal preference. But even if it's not pumpkin made, I still love how soft yet firm the cake is, and is made from scratch!

Here we have, Chicken Aglio Olio ($3.50) and Chicken & Waffles ($4.50) from the Truly Western stall, which aims to offer unique western offerings at amazing value! Their signatures are the Chicken & Waffle and Pork Chop Baked Rice, and also has a value set at only $4.00 which has meat (various protein options), carb (either butter rice, fries, or mac-&-cheese), a side (beans with sausage or mash potatoes), and also sauce in either curry cream or mushroom cheese.

Where in Singapore would you be able to get a plate of pasta at only $3.50, and even more when the portion is a hearty one! I like the thick and creamy sauce mixed with the pasta. They have 6 other options for pasta at the same price too.

The serving of Chicken & Waffles comes with maple syrup served separately.

Truly Test Kitchen aims to preserve the hawker food culture in a modernised way, and even making it affordable to all walk of life, which gives it a plus point, beside gathering feedbacks from patrons and improving on their quality and service. With plans to expand it in the future into the heartlands, the future of Truly Test Kitchen is highly anticipated.

Truly Test Kitchen

153 Kampong Ampat
Jun Jie Industrial Building #07-05
Singapore 368326

Mon - Sat: 0700 - 1430 hours

*Closed on Sundays

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