Monday, 18 April 2016

Slackers' Bar & Cafe

Those whom have been to Changi Business Park, would most likely have seen a big round short-storey tower, which is a theatre or sort of. Well, it is the UE Convention Centre for hosting large-scale seminars, conferences, etc.

I have never been in there, but the rooftop which reside Slackers' Bar & Cafe. From the look of it, Slackers' Bar & Cafe seems to own the entire rooftop, with chairs and tables surrounding the built-up grass patch. While we were there for lunch, the al fresco dining is not opened yet, and I doubt anyone would like to have an outdoor seat if such a hot weather.

The interior is spacious and I love the industrial flooring as like using cement as tiles.

If you are looking for a place with interesting dishes to try, Slackers' Bar & Cafe is not the place. Their menu items are rather normal, but they have set lunches making it pretty affordable and filling.

Slackers' Bar & Cafe Set Lunches ($8.90) comes with a free drink, salad, and soup of the day. Salad and soup of the day is self-service outside the kitchen, while drinks are limited a small selection, of which I remember are coke, coke light, and green tea.

Dressing is provided, and basically this is what you will have from their Salad bar.

For Soup of the day, we had the mushroom soup, with black pepper. Soup is not bad, thick and creamy.

In addition to the set lunches, we are allowed to order sides at a cheaper price. We ordered Spring Rolls ($2.50), which we didn't knew it would come in only 4 pieces. But I guessed with the price paid, this is quite reasonable. Some of the other sides include samosas, breaded wings, and fish fingers.

Spring Rolls lack of the crispiness, and the fillings are just plain normal.

When we were about to order the mains, we were told that one of the set lunches, Chicken Chop with Mushroom sSce & Fries, is not available. Further added the same for Mushroom & Olive Pizza. We were not disappointed because our choices are not affected by the unavailable items.

After we ordered, the crew came once again and asked if they will be able to change my Beer Battered Fish & Chips to Beer Battered Chicken instead. I am starting to feel disappointment, as the restaurant is not crowded, and we were there around 1230 hours for lunch on a weekday. I would reckon restaurants to have sufficient stocks during the lunch period.

Anyway, the food came and my disappointment level dived further. Chicken is dry and almost tasteless, if without the chilli sauce. Would I order this again? My answer is definitely a no.

Creamy Penne Alfredo with Olives & Mushrooms. This is much better, but you will start to feel sick of it due to the creaminess. Overall, it is not bad, but would prefer the kictech to tone down on the thickness of the alfredo sauce.

It was overall a cheap western lunch, but I left with a huge disappointment. However, the dinner time could be better if you are to be there for some bites to complement the drinks for the night. I'm not sure how happening it will be, but with darts and a small area for a live band, I hope this will at least be able to keep Slackers' Bar & Cafe going.

Slackers' Bar & Cafe

4 Changi Business Park Avenue 1
#03-11 UE Biz Hub East Convention Centre Tower
Singapore 486016

Tel: (65) 6543 6442

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 2300 hours

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