Monday, 6 June 2016

Ramen Champion (Torimaru)

Ramen Champion is definitely not a new place to anyone. Despite it being a place where it houses several different ramen stores, reviews are done regularly to ensure the quality of the food are favourable to Singaporeans.

Here comes the introduction of Torimaru to Ramen Champion!

Just like any other stalls in Ramen Champion, there is no distributable menu, but a signage board by the stall.

Helmed by Chef Takano Koji, the ramen noodles are specially created to suit his expectations that complement his Tori Paitan, also known as chicken creamy soup.

Oh, and Torimaru is 100% chicken,  strictly no pork and lard used. 

We were first introduced to Chicken Salad ($8.80). Consisting of garden greens, cherry tomato, chicken chashu, chicken meat balls, and finished with sesame dressing. It is a refreshing dish to go with the ramen.

The chashu is chicken breast meat, and I bet people who love chicken breast meat will love Torimaru's chashu because of its low-fat content! Their homemade meat balls are also made of chicken meat, and consists of soft bones and ginger, thus making the entire ball a little crunchy.

Topped with sesame dressing gives the chashu a different experience, when we usually have it mixed with the ramen soup. 

Chicken Nanban ($8.00). For easier identification, it is almost similar to our commonly-eaten Japanese snack, Karrage.

I love this snack dish because their chicken bites are so tender, and with their special homemade tartar dressing, it's just worth going for more. Money well-spent, in my opinion.

Finally the ramen which I have been waiting for! Special Chicken Ramen ($16.00), which is also one of the four generic variations of ramen in Torimaru's menu. The other variations include Shoyu Paitan, Spicy Paitan, and Paitan Tsukemen.

The creamy chicken soup is packed with collagen, and made through robust boiling over high temperatures for over 10 hours. The ingredients include 5 different chicken parts and 5 other vegetables to achieve the goodness of chicken for enjoyment.

As what chef mentioned, a good bowl of ramen depends on one or more critical factors, such as the affinity between the noodles and the soup. 

Special Chicken Ramen uses thin ramen noodles, with chicken breast chashu, homemade chicken meat balls, welsh onion, ramen egg and seaweed.

I'm not really a fan of thin ramen, but this bowl of ramen has kind of won me over with its creamy soup. The chashu again, is not the usual kind we have been served at other ramen stalls. 

Another dish which I see should be unique to Torimaru, is their Special Chicken Tsukemen, also known as dipping noodles. Just like the Special Chicken Ramen, it has tender chicken breast chashu, homemade chicken meat balls, spinach, seaweed, and creamy chicken soup with garlic.

What's so special? Well, soup is served separately in another bowl. You can treat it like cold soba method, where you have to dip the thick ramen noodles into the bowl of chicken soup before consuming.

Between the two, I would prefer the Special Chicken Tsukemen, not because of the thick noodles, but the dipping method which would avoid the noodles from being too soggy over prolonged submersion. This method is usually used by the chefs due to serving customers in the midst of their meal. This way, they will get to continue enjoying their bowl of ramen without detesting the ramen noodles being too moist.

The chicken soup is too strong to be drank alone, so another bowl of warm plain water is served to mixed with the soup when you have finished the noodles, but still left with a substantial amount of soup. The level of concentration can be adjusted by yourself if you ever require more plain water.

Torimaru has given me excuses to give them more thumbs than boos, with the creamy chicken soup and tender chicken meat used. Will head back to Torimaru in future when it's my Ramen Champion time again!

Ramen Champion

201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ #04-10
Singapore 188067

1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City #01-22
Singapore 237994

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